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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rhiannon Giddens - Dressing for the Grammy's!

This was our first stop for Rhiannon's
style makeover!
We started at Jewelsmith in Durham.

You always want to start with a little bling!

Jewelsmith Made a Custom Piece for Rhiannon

Here is a picture of Phillip Dismuke from Jewelsmith and Rhiannon
discussing the pendant. Phillip was great to work with and really understood
what kind of look I was trying to achieve for Rhiannon. It is all about the branding.

Rhiannon Giddens Style Makeover

Check this out! Rhiannon Giddens from the band
"The Carolina Chocolate Drops" in late February 2010 seated with her husband Mike and beautiful baby daughter Aoife. Rhiannon is at Jewelsmith in Durham, NC . I worked hand and hand with designer/goldsmith Phillip Dismuke to design a pendant that Rhiannon would wear for all her performances. The two toned gold pendant was creative combination of both instruments that Rhiannon plays, a banjo and fiddle. It is just fabulous! Look for the pendant in future pictures .

Rhiannon's Eyebrow Makeover

Here is my buddy from the salon Eyebrowz at Crabtree Valley Mall. Mr. Blue Eyes himself was somewhat star struck by Rhiannon and her natural beauty. "Carolina Chocolate Drops?" he said. I told him to get her autograph now, that this may be his only chance. I'm not sure I can talk Rhiannon into
doing the brow thing anytime soon. It really made a huge
difference. Check out the next picture. Notice how she

Rhiannon Giddens Style Makeover

Check out Rhiannon at Hudson Belk Crabtree at the Bobbi Brown counter. Her first cosmetic makeover! I suggested that we add a little cheek color, neutralize her eyelid, and lastly, a bit of color to her lips. She is such a natural beauty. I will enjoy watching her get used to her new looks.

Rhiannon's Make-Over Results

Rhiannon looking stunning after hair and makeup! Stage wear next.......

Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Spring Casual Clothing Line

For ladies ages 18-45 that love their comfort with easy care fabrics and simple clean lines, I encourage you to check out Boden.

They feature free shipping and returns....

Check it out-

From my closet to yours,

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I'm now the "Roving Retailer" for the new show "My Carolina Today" on NBC, Monday through Friday from 11 -11:30 am. My show can be seen on Fridays on the "Style" segments. Join me as I cover a variety of fashion related topics.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Transitional Wardrobing Tips From Winter To Spring

Come early March, put away your heavy wools, flannels, puffy jackets, turtleneck sweaters,
and anything fur!

* Sort through your winter wardrobe and pull together your lightweight clothing items.
Examples: skirts, tops and pants

* Combine a winter basic with a summer basic and layer items.
Example: use a lightweight black tweed wool skirt with a long sleeve t-shirt and a
3/4 length spring patterned sweater.

* Heavy coats can be substituted with lightweight denim, tan leathers, suede's, and a variety
of trench coats in colors and styles.

* Lastly, adding a dash of color and layering is the key to transitional dressing. Use colors
like muted reds, mid range blues, greens and purples. Avoid pastels!

True warm weather is right around the corner!

From my closet to yours,

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