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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tips on Passion for Wearing Purple

* Pair with black or other dark neutral like charcoal. A purple blouse under a dark suit looks great for work.
* Punch up purple by wearing with eye-popping brights like grass green or lime. A purple sweater with a bright green scarf radiates personality.
* Complement purple tones with purple eyeshadow, just keep the shadow very sheer and light (to-dark purple eyeshadow sometimes gives you a black eye look).
* Play purple off of equally strong prints. A bright purple dress with zebra (black and white) print shoes is fun and funky.

Stylist Fall Fashion Reminders

1. Choose darker colors as the basis of your wardrobe: navy, black, charcoal gray.
2. Use undergarment foundations: from all-in-one shapers to control top pantyhose.
3. Focus on playing up your best features, for example showing off shapely legs with a knee-length skirt.
4. Choose fabrics that don't cling, avoiding stiff or bulky textures.
5. Use accessories to draw attention to your face: scarves, earrings, etc.
6. Avoid anything too tight or clingy.
7. Make sure you scale your accessories to your size -- from your handbag to your earrings.
8. Choose clean-lined clothing without big embellishment or buttons.

Designers Say That More Is More, But It's Easier Said Than Done.

Here's how to add a bit of glitz without overdosing on the trend.

1. Start by incorporating small embellished items, such as a handbag into your wardrobe.
2. Make sure the embellishment is scaled to your figure.
3. Embellished jewelry looks best with streamlined, simple clothing.
4. In general, embellishment such as sequins, embroidery, trims and studs look classier on basic colors like black or white.
5. Make sure embellishment is used on or near a body part you want to call attention to: it draws the eye to it.
6. For maximum impact, wear just one embellished item at a time.


1. Like most things in fashion, this is a fad. If you hate it, skip it.
2. Embellished items look dressier than plain ones, so save them for special occasions.
3. Embellishment makes items more difficult to care for -- beaded fringe fall off, embroidery gets pulls, etc. -- so account for high maintenance.

Top Five Choices for Leggings for Fall

Top Five Choices for Leggings for Fall

1. Basic Cotton Leggings

Hue Cotton Leggings
Hue's basic cotton legging in neutral colors
offers a stretch cotton fit and a friendly
price tag.

2. Denim Legging

Denim Legging
Get a sleek jean look with a pair of denim

3. Spanx Leggings

Spanx Legging
Control and style built together. These Spanx
leggings give you that famous sleekness to
pull off under clingy mini-dresses and tunics.

4. Sweater Leggings

This essential tight gives you a cozy layer
under winter's best looks.

5. Wet Look Leggings

One of the hottest new looks in leggings is the
wet look leggings or liquid leggings. These
slick styles are perfect for edgy style

Monday, August 2, 2010

Triangle’s Savvy Stylist To Offer Free Socks To Fans

Wardrobe Consulting Partners With SRI Shoe Warehouse To Reward Facebook Fans Triangle’s Savvy Stylist To Offer Free Socks To Fans

Aug 02, 2010 – RALEIGH, N.C. – Suzanne Libfraind, president of Wardrobe Consulting (http://www.wardrobeconsulting.biz) and the Triangle’s savvy stylist, has announced that Wardrobe Consulting will award a free pair of socks from SRI Shoe Warehouse (http://www.srishoes.com) to the first 100 people who become a fan of Wardrobe Consulting on Facebook starting Monday, Aug. 2. Fans just need to visit the page and click “Like,” they will then receive a Facebook message confirmation instructing them to present photo identification at the SRI store at 6031 Oak Forest Drive in Raleigh to pick up their socks.

“I am excited about being able to educate and keep people updated through Facebook,” said Libfraind. “This promotion will encourage people to check out our page and learn more about the latest fashion tips and trends from Wardrobe Consulting.”

Wardrobe Consulting’s Facebook page

Wardrobe Consulting provides personalized image enhancement services for individuals and groups, including closet consultations, personal shopping, comprehensive style consulting, corporate image consulting and media consulting. Suzanne Libfraind, president of the firm, has more than 24 years of experience in the fashion industry and has worked with large corporations, small businesses, public figures, musicians and private individuals of all ages and professions. A sought after fashion expert, Libfraind has appeared as a featured style consultant and fashion commentator for numerous media outlets and currently appears as the weekly fashion contributor for “My Carolina Today,” a local, lifestyle show airing Monday through Friday on Media General’s WNCN-TV/NBC 17. For more information, visit http://www.wardrobeconsulting.biz.

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