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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Dressing Despite The 80 Degree Weather

It seems like the beginning of every September, stores have their final push to clear the odds and ends leftover from the hot days of Summer. Fall goods are placed onto the racks despite the humidity and usually sit idle until the first jolting cold wave that awakens our inner consumer. Although we won't be wearing the fall clothing in September, the excitement of fresh goods, styles, colors and textures make us want to participate in this yearly ritual.

For me this ritual begins as well. I encourage clients to go online and buy any last minute clearance finds especially handbags, jewelry and shoes. I also like to check out early fall sales that are generally offered as flash sales or for many departments stores, pre-sale and anniversary sales. These strategic moves generally encourage consumer spending before the season is in full swing.

As a big fan of fall fashion I can’t wait to say goodbye to the summer heat so I can delve into some of my fashion favorites! Personally fall can’t come soon enough!

I am going to share with you my process for transiting my wardrobe from warm summer days to cool autumn dressing J

My Personal Closet Plan
 Grab my rolling rack and roll it as close to my garments as possible
 (Oops I’m already showing my laziness) 

 pick out the garments I neglected to show off for yet another spring and toss it to the side for possible consignment next year. Far too often I find that I am just flat out tired of a garment, or maybe its just tired of me!

 shift through my dresses and skirts and pull the very light-weight and obvious summer patterns to put away for next year.
I constantly keep in mind that colors like burnt orange, purple, green and most medium blues can easily be transitioned into fall. Pairing these colors with black, brown, and navy make them fall ready!

check out all my camisoles, tanks and short sleeves tops and weed out the ones that scream summer and that won't layer well. This is the time to retire the tops that have peeling, nubbing or are noticeably faded. 

 riffle through my lightweight jackets and sweaters because many can work through fall as the perfect layering piece for those early mornings or cool fall nights.

 make sure to keep my sleeveless and short sleeve silk/poly blend dress tops so I can pair them with dress pants and skirts with my favorite fall and winter jackets.

 have recently purchased more sleeveless or cap sleeve solid dresses which I can continue to wear with cardigans and cropped jackets. Wearing chunkier gold chain necklaces with bomber style leather or pleather jackets will be a hot fall trend.
       Dresses are a truly a big part of my wardrobe. Due to trends and hot flashes, (TMI?)  

 Shoes are an easy decision. Suede sandals can stay (I have a great pair of dark purple suede that I LOVE). Heavier weight black sandals and pumps are good to go as well. I have a few summer cork and raffi wedge heels that have to hibernate along with a brilliant blue patton with a cord heel.
 If you have read my previous blogs then you of about my personal goal to incorporate more navy garments and accessories versus the basic black.

Because of my spectacular slate wall display of all my necklaces, accessories are not a big to do. I just steer clear of the summery tones.

A recent purchase of an Italian leather black bag will be a key piece of mine this fall.
 If I find a bold navy bag that is worth investing in, I just might indulge!

Now that I have shared my transition plan with you, give thought to your brief closet transition that is necessary for you to get through this warm weather!
If you get stuck, call and I can help or opt to read Chapter 4 Be prepared to take a big step and begin with your Closet in my book Portraits to Lifestyle Dressing Your Style, Your Closet

From my closet to yours,

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Heading to Charlotte’s Southpark Mall

Last week I was at Southpark Mall in Charlotte to meet with the three stores I am partnering with for the event Find Your Style. My event will be held on Saturday September 28 from 11-4pm.

For my readers who aren’t too familiar with SouthPark Mall, it’s a premier mall owned by Simon Property Group. The luxury mall is the home to many high-end specialty stores and chains that can’t be found anywhere else in North Carolina. For a stylist’s it’s a truly a dream. Perusing through stores like Burberry, St. John, BCBGMAXAZRI, Hermes, Kate Spade New York, Neiman Marcus and Louis Vuitton gives me a whole new perspective! If these high priced stores aren’t for you, don’t fret the mall offers an array of more moderately priced stores from Chico’s, Cache to Belk.

My visit to the stores included in the Find Your Style got me even more excited for the 28th to come!
For Marmi Shoes I met the store manager Clarissa Green last spring when I was shopping with a client for shoes. I love having a client in Charlotte because I get to scout out the great merchandise SouthPark offers.

Marmi Shoes is a special store because it gives me the wonderful opportunity to fit my clients that have either a narrow or wide width foot. After walking into Marmi Shoes I immediately received a friendly greeting from the employees. San the stores operating manager offered me a kind hand as I was juggling the event’s signage and press materials. I quickly noticed San’s rapport with the mall employees and compared it to a mayor running for office. She was always greeted with smiles and pleasantries from all passerbies. She obviously enjoys her job as much as I enjoy my own!

After setting up the merchandise in the store window and spending time with Clarissa I moved on to meet sassy Tammy, the manager of Cache. I always love a seasoned manager who’s employees have been loyal for years. That is a true testament to Cache itself!  I had a quick visit at Chico’s and proceeded to walk back to Marmi Shoes. I must admit I made several wrong turns during this process.  Ok, so I might have been a bit distracted by the store windows!

After a full day of observing the clientele at Southpark I knew I had made a great decision to partner with Marmi for the Find Your Style event. For those wanting to do something special for themselves or someone close to them a style update might be just be what you need to jumpstart your fall wardrobe.

Participants receive a pre-consultation questionnaire, a 20 minute individualized style consultation where I will use my Lifestyle Fashion Guidelines to help you look your best and feel fabulous, a personalized list of your 5 most important wardrobe needs and a signed copy of my book “Portraits of Lifestyle Dressing Your Style, Your Closet”. Consultations will be held at Marmi Shoe, Southpark Mall Charlotte. Registration and payment is required in advance of your scheduled appoint. I am offering special event pricing of $35 per consultation.

To sign up call Marmi Shoes at 1-704-221-8589 or stop by the store. Appointments slots will go quick!

I am so thrilled to working with Southpark Mall, Marmi Shoes, Cache and Chico’s. Looking forward to meeting some new faces and spreading the word of Dressing for Your Lifestyle! http://www.simon.com/mall/southpark

From my Closet to yours

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wearing Navy and Black Together This Fall

Calling all people who wear black clothing day in and day out, this blog is for you. This season navy has pushed aside the ever so popular black for a shot in fashions spotlight. Now navy is being paired with not only black but also grey, red and white. A recent trip to New York City gave me the perfect opportunity to hit several boutiques in NYC’s most trendy pockets. Navy garments were often shown paired with black silk or leather trims around the collars, lapels, front seams and waistbands. Navy is also being shown in various tones from brilliant blue to midnight blue (which could be hard to distinguish unless placed side by side). The trick to wearing the two colors is to embrace the darkness and accessorize with a pop color. Be confident when wearing the two, but keep in mind this is another form of tonal dressing.

Use these tips as guidelines for wearing both navy and black together or just navy alone. Either way it’s hard to go wrong!

·    *  If you choose to wear all navy, don’t try to match the darkness of the garments.
o   Several shades will not only playoff one another but be more interesting
·    *  Try pairing at least one textured garments when wearing navies together.
·    *  Opt for choosing a color block navy sweater or blouse paired with a black bottom.
·    *  Keep an eye out for specific trims that stand out on the garment, such as leather, silk, suede or embellishments
·    *  Make a statement and choose chunky gold jewelry.
·     * Pick a red or grey colored shoe when wearing a navy or black piece.
·      * Make sure to choose a classic handbag no matter if its navy or black!

For all those nay- sayers that are having a challenging time wrapping their heads around the navy movement, give one quick thought to what you have just read. Navy has been around as long a black and provides the same vital protection to figure flaws, dirt and is also easily coordinated with other items. I was sold on navy as soon as I realized how dramatically softer my skin completion look, which hey doesn’t hurt as we age…

This fall I challenge you to buy one navy outfit to either wear alone or with a black garment.  I look forward to your comments!

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From my closet to yours,

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