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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wearing Navy and Black Together This Fall

Calling all people who wear black clothing day in and day out, this blog is for you. This season navy has pushed aside the ever so popular black for a shot in fashions spotlight. Now navy is being paired with not only black but also grey, red and white. A recent trip to New York City gave me the perfect opportunity to hit several boutiques in NYC’s most trendy pockets. Navy garments were often shown paired with black silk or leather trims around the collars, lapels, front seams and waistbands. Navy is also being shown in various tones from brilliant blue to midnight blue (which could be hard to distinguish unless placed side by side). The trick to wearing the two colors is to embrace the darkness and accessorize with a pop color. Be confident when wearing the two, but keep in mind this is another form of tonal dressing.

Use these tips as guidelines for wearing both navy and black together or just navy alone. Either way it’s hard to go wrong!

·    *  If you choose to wear all navy, don’t try to match the darkness of the garments.
o   Several shades will not only playoff one another but be more interesting
·    *  Try pairing at least one textured garments when wearing navies together.
·    *  Opt for choosing a color block navy sweater or blouse paired with a black bottom.
·    *  Keep an eye out for specific trims that stand out on the garment, such as leather, silk, suede or embellishments
·    *  Make a statement and choose chunky gold jewelry.
·     * Pick a red or grey colored shoe when wearing a navy or black piece.
·      * Make sure to choose a classic handbag no matter if its navy or black!

For all those nay- sayers that are having a challenging time wrapping their heads around the navy movement, give one quick thought to what you have just read. Navy has been around as long a black and provides the same vital protection to figure flaws, dirt and is also easily coordinated with other items. I was sold on navy as soon as I realized how dramatically softer my skin completion look, which hey doesn’t hurt as we age…

This fall I challenge you to buy one navy outfit to either wear alone or with a black garment.  I look forward to your comments!

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