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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Installation Two: Stretch Marks to Stilettos

Once again it is time to revisit my friend Page Crawford Fehling, who is now at week 27 of her pregnancy. Last week I styled three pregnant women and one that had a baby about 6 weeks old. Each of the three women were in a different trimester and the last feeling the pains of her body recovering back to where it was before pregnancy. Styling each of the women came easy and was a joy for me to view them all in their various excited stages. I selected clothes from Passage Consignment and Old Navy to work with all three. As I mentioned in my first blog about Page back in December, mu-mu's are no longer a pregnancy requirement. The segment should be on soon on our local NBC station. 

I should have grabbed Page and dressed her as well, because we had an opportunity to sit down and chat as she interviewed me for the segment.

At this point, Page's baby is the size of a rutabaga. Hmmm, nice, huh? Page was wearing the black stretch knit skirt and a grey top we chose in an earleir session. Wondering how pregnancy number three feels different to her. Either way, she was still rocking her high heel shoe booties and tights. Some women get more beautiful with pregnancy, and she certainly does.

Here are just a few tips to think about as you may be approaching your last trimester as Page is:

1. This is a great time to reach out to friends that are at the very end of their last trimester or have had their babies for clothing you may be able to borrow for the home stretch. I expect your friends are sick of their pregnancy clothes and happy to lend them to you before they burn them!

2. This is a great time seasonly to hit the maternity stores, discount stores (like Old Navy) or consignment stores for last minute layering items, a good light-weight cardigan, or a sleeveless A-line or empire waist dress. Sleeveless items will carry you through spring and early summer.

3. See if there are any bathing suits from holiday cruise wear at the stores. Buy it big and grow on!
4. Invest in some colorful flats to punch up outfits for spring. Look for flats that are well cushioned with a sturdy heel in rubber or leather. Page could ease out of the black tights and shoe booties and throw on a metallic blue or emerald green flat to wear with grey or black bottoms.

5. As for Page, she has to dress for tv, so there are many rules of thumb. I have no problem if she continues to wear grey or a beautiful purple, like the color of the blouse pictured here. Transition for spring with a necklace (in Page's case) with a tonal look in color that may be a softer shade of purples or pinks in smaller beads but enough to make a impact, but not keep viewers distracted from her reporting.

6. Page can also transition her bottoms from black or brown to navy. Navy works great for spring, as well as for television.

Final thought for Page as she rounds into her third trimester: keep true to your own style, pregnant or not, and maintain the challenge of wearing clothes that show your shape and are not frumpy! You will feel only as good as you look, so take the time to dress!
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