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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Men's Fall Fashion Must-Haves

As winter approaches it is time for men to stock up on a few new wardrobe essentials. Emphasis as always should be for comfort, warmth, value and style! Remember that fashion trends come and go, but classic styles last forever. Men's classic items are generally include a suit, sports jacket, a white shirt and tie, a great pair of jeans and lastly a loafer or sorts.

1. Sweaters, also known as knits can be worn for warmth or looking polished. Choose basic colors with either a v-neck or crew neck that has a circular opening. Knits can be purchased in cashmere, cotton or warm fleece.

2.Duffle coats or better known as toggle coats offer an updated look. If your looking for a less trendy purchase stick to the classic double breasted coat in either camel, black or brown.

3 Jeans or khakis can be worn as a classic look, but also trendy. A well altered pair of dark jeans can be used for many wardrobe needs. Paired with a tweed or leather sport jacket and a suede shoe or boot offers diversity for most any occasion.

4. Button-down shirt is a dress shirt. Dress shirts can be dressed up with a suit and silk tie and dressed down with a pair of khakis or jeans. Button-down shirts are most versatile since it can be worn for work or social settings

5. Hats can be worn two ways fashionably through winter. The first should be the 1940's fedora with a brim or a cloth cap as a stylish alternative to keep off the rain. The other style provides warmth and protection from wind or snow. The most fashionable trend is knit cap or driving cap.

Enjoy the season!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stylish Activewear

The Savvy Stylist, Suzanne Libfraind, takes you to Lululemon Athletica Raleigh for workout clothes you’ll love to wear even outside of the gym.
  • layer activewear with like tones and similar fabrics
  • use cotton and woven blend scarves to wear around the neck
  • choose slim fit athletic wear pants to wear with short to mid-ankle boots

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Ten Fashion Picks for Fall 2010

Get ready for great fall fashion this year by adding these top ten items to the wardrobe!

1. Military Inspired Jacket
Pair with jeans, simple pants or skirts. Let the jacket make the statement.

2. Shades of gray
Pair your gray with camel, navy and chocolate brown for a new twist to the wardrobe.

3. Wool dress
Turn a classic wool dress into a wardrobe staple by adding a wide belt or layered necklaces.

4. Leopard print accessory
Add this colored print in either a scarf, belt, shoe or blouse to add new life to the wardrobe.

5. Colored tees and scarves
Basic tees with an oblong scarf paired with jackets compliment this casual look well.

6. Boots
Ground fall looks with boots in all varieties from peep-toe stiletto, over the knee or flat.

7. Signature coats
Upgrade neutral wardrobe with coats in a choice of lengths, patterns, colors and textures.

8. Textured and colored hosiery
Legs go to new heights with patterned and colored tights and legging to compliment all looks.

9. Body satchels
This seasons bag is more structured with lady-like handles, longer straps and feminine touch.

10.Layered Necklace
Visit your jewelry box and layer short and long, pearls and metals to commend any neckline.

From my closet to yours, enjoy!

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