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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love My Job!

Recently I met with a new client - mother of two, recently unemployed, has gained weight over the past years, and struggled when shopping for clothes. We met for coffee and talked about her lifestyle, how shopping was a chore, and that she was truly tired of not looking or feeling good in her clothes.

So much of what I do is look at each client from within themselves and work with their best features. Features can be beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, a great brow line, nice firm calves or delicate hands.

After 4 hours in a department store, starting with getting fitted with the proper undergarments, my client emerged as a woman with a new purpose! She was armed with the knowledge needed to shop on her own.

What is most gratifying for me is to see how my clients grow as individuals and begin to feel and look the best they can be!

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