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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dressing For Our Weather, Really?

Ok, yes, our winter has been quite cold and not much fun. For some reason we will get a slight reprieve late this week and the weather will warm. For those of us in the Triangle we may even experience the mid to high 60's. I might even try my hand at playing tennis outside! So what to do about dressing? Here is a few tips to keep in mind. In the meantime, keep your winter duds close nearby.

1. Try putting the tights away and pull out open toe heels and neutral sandals.

2. Wear long sleeve tees and layer with vests and cardigans.

3. Cotton scarves are great for lightweight layering and transitioning an outfit.

4. Lastly, pull put a few heavier weighted sleeveless dresses and tops and layer with lightweight jackets and scruggs.

Keep in mind mother nature may decide in the weeks to follow to go back to the cold, so wait a while before converting your wardrobe!

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