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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Best of Finding Your Style

Stylist Suzanne with client Jennifer Gauvin

The fabulous women from Marmi Shoes
Last Saturday’s “Find Your Style“ event and book signing at Southpark Mall in Charlotte was truly a pleasure! The ladies who came out for the event all had a similar stories that I have seen countless times over the years as a stylist.

We all face similar challenges with our hair, skin and body. Constantly wondering if we are wearing the right garment for our body and if it’s age appropriate. We can all relate to struggling with finding the perfect hair style and color, proper fit of tops and  bottoms, and correct length of jackets and shirts. Always questioning if the colors we are wearing are washing us out rather than solidifying our look. Whether the woman was 35 or 65 years-young, they all shared the same concerns. I commend all the women who received their style consult, I offered suggestions and options that would help these women move forward with their lifestyle dressing.  During the consults I gave the women suggestions on the upcoming fall fashions and ideal styles that would best complement their bodies and lifestyles.  The key to lifestyle dressing is not a closet full of clothes but fewer quality pieces that properly fit your body and daily life. Having a weeks worth of garments and accessories that can be mixed and matched and worn in different ways to accommodate your changing needs is be what I strive for when working with clients.

Saturday’s event at Marmi  Shoes was the first “Find Your Style” event in Charlotte and don’t worry if you couldn’t attend because I have already asked to return! I’d like to extend special thanks to all the great gals I met and the women from Marmi Shoes and Cache.  Special thanks to Southpark Mall for their support! http://www.simon.com/mall/southpark

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