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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to get the most bang for your buck when buying holiday wear....

This Friday on My Carolina Today...

I frequent local consignment stores to consign client's goods, or searching for that little gem that may be hiding amongst the racks. This year I have found a few gems - like the great Kay Unger gold raw silk dress that makes me feel like Joan Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver! Every time I wear it I feel somewhat magical, and oh, so lovely. It is a true departure from my usual attire, but confirms my love for clothing of old.

This week I traveled to Villa Consegna at Five Points in Raleigh. The owners, John and Margo, have been doing the consignment thing for probably longer than I have been a stylist. Obviously, their competition has stiffened in the past 5 years as other stores have made their way into the area. I thought I would do a segment on My Carolina Today on getting the most bang for your buck when purchasing holiday wear at a local consignment store. This is what I have come up with and wanted to share if you. Be sure to catch the video segment Friday (12/17) on My Carolina Today - 11am on NBC17 in Raleigh.

  1. Evaluate what holiday parties and functions you may need festive clothing for.
  2. Check your closet and see what you have that may work or what you may need to add.
  3. Set a budget and plan to stick to it.
  4. Visit the consignment store with a friend to get her opinion on possible selections.
  5. Check for accessories at the consignment store that may complete the outfits.
  6. Ask the shop owner if they can do any better on the price of any garments you want to purchase. I expect they would rather move the goods out the door than to hang onto them for the new year!

Happy Shopping!

From my closet to yours -


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