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Thursday, December 23, 2010

One Secret To Successful Bargain Shopping.

Merry Christmas, my fellow fashionistas!

This week I typically avoid stores and malls. What I have found over the years is that people are crazy stressed and desperate to buy what they need. Fashion statements tend not to be made during this time, so I bow out, ever so gracefully.

I have a humorous fashion tale to tell as we wind down 2010, though! So here goes....

My true friends know that once my day is over I put my work face and fashion mind to rest and enjoy the many other aspects of my full life. I have a relatively new friend that I met about 8 months ago at hot yoga. We met one day at class when I realized her car's license plate read SHOPPER 2 and I asked her about it. She works full time to support her love for shopping. Oh my!

She is the ultimate queen of discount bargain shopping. Over the past several months, she has often mentioned her great steals and deals at a local large department and discount store chain. She refuses to pay full retail and will hold out until it is a true bargain! Finally she divulged to me how she accomplishes this successful plan. She takes a full price item from the rack and stashes it on another rack, well away from the original rack. Since we all know that clean up in department stores is not always done, she is able to keep tabs on the item over a several week period. Her bargain this week was a $59 blouse for $8!

Happy Holidays!

From my closet to yours,

P.S. Did I mention that she owns over 300 pairs of shoes?

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