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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bathing Suits for Every Body

Ready Set, Get Suited for Summer!

I'm taking Page to Nicole’s Swimwear and Accessories to show Page how bathing suits can work for every body type. Read below for fashion & shopping tips.

1. If you want to look slimmer opt for a lighter color on top than on bottom.
2. Woman with a small bust should look for tops with ruffles, beading or pleating.
3. If you need to support a large bust choose an underwire or a hidden bra top. Stay clear of high necklines.
4. If you carry your weight through the middle, skip tankini's and opt for a wrap style or suit that gathers on the side to draw the eye away from the middle.

Shopping Tips -
  • Shop on a day that you are feeling good and preferably not on a weekend.
  • Prioritize your assets and embrace your body !
  • Remember that there are many different styles to choose from
  • The best fabric choice is a cotton and Lycra blend to hold it's shape.
  • Wear a thong or a snug panty when trying on swimsuits
  • Choose your size and add one larger when selecting what you want to try. Swim suits vary in size just like clothes do!
  • Be sure and check the comfort and fit of the suit in a three way mirror.
  • Bring a sandal to try with your suit, sneakers make a suit so much less appealing!
If you prefer trying swim suits in the privacy of your home, order from mail order catalogs and follow the sizing guide

Lastly, don't dispair, just like trying on jeans, it may take several tries before finding something that you love.

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