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Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Icon in Her Own Sense

I think I would be remiss in my job as a stylist if I did not comment on the finality of Oprah and her final good-bye to her 25 year old talk show. I’ve been thinking back to where I was in my life some 25 years ago and what I was doing as she began her journey. I had just given birth to my second child and my first child wasn’t that much older. I had gone back to work part time as a visual designer and worked for several local boutiques and SteinMart.

Oprah seemed strong and self assured and although I did not watch her on any sort of regular basis, I knew that for many she was a lifeline of support. Over the years I marveled at her sense of inner peace and beauty that was beyond her large brown eyes and flawless skin. I, along with millions of other men and women who understand the effort she went through to take control of her weight, railed in praise when she conquered her weight battle and sashayed around the stage in her tight jeans.

As the weight gradually reappeared and softened her hips and thighs, I again railed in praise that she had found an inner peace that included not wanting to fight her weight again as so many of us do. She found a healthy balance that worked for her and decided to live her life with little regret and regardless of her present size.

I often tell clients that we must work with what we are given and if we are not satisfied, then only then can we attempt a change. For me maintaining a healthy lifestyle does include eating well but also indulging in the many foods and beverages that make me happy. I know exactly where those extra pounds are going to land and stay and quite frankly I’m ok with that. I guess that is why I always liked Oprah’s tune, because I often thought her ideals were similar to mine. Here’s to living life, whether you are a stylist or fashion television icon.

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