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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fleming’s Steakhouse Contest

You might be wondering how fashion and wine fit together, but it does! Fleming’s Steakhouse has launched their signature wine, Forty-Six Diamonds Toscana 2009, and we’re giving away gift cards to so you can taste it! The basics: Forty-Six Diamonds Toscana 2009 is a collaboration between Fleming’s Wine Director, and Il Borro Winemaker Nicolò D’Afflitto. And this is where wine and fashion meet – Il Borro is the winery owned by quintessential luxury designer Salvatore Ferragamo. Fleming’s is located at Crabtree Valley Mall, so I think a little shopping, eating and drinking is in order, don’t you?

TO WIN: In honor of the Forty-Six Diamonds release, post a picture of your favorite piece of jewelry on the Wardrobe Consulting Facebook page or tweet your entry to @savvysuzanne by Oct 30 and explain why you like your jewelry piece so much. Whether it was a gift from a deceased relative you loved, your first ‘real’ jewelry purchase, or simply a cheap impulse purchase that wears well with everything, we want to know! Best stories get the gift cards, and it won’t hurt if I love the picture, too!

Like or Follow Wardrobe Consulting to qualify – that’s where we’re announcing the winners!

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