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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Raleigh Denim

My own little high...

Maybe instead of being a wardrobe consultant/fashion guru/stylist, I was meant to be an ambassador of good will for clothing style. Wait a minute, that’s what I do! I love watching people emerge from a fitting room and either have that aha moment of looking great in what they are wearing or the look of eeek! not so good.

Last night was no different. About two months ago I began working out with Kris Jackson, who conducts group boot camp training out of her basement and the back yard. She is as diligent about her work outs as she is about her diet. I love Kris for both those reasons. For me, it has proven to be just the kick in the butt I needed to get rid of the some of the belly fat I have been storing for about two years. I wanna say it was menopause, but honestly it was living the good life of baked brie and wine on summer weekends.

Oh yes, back to last night. One of Kris's clients is Sarah Lyntvineko, co-owner with her husband Victor of Raleigh Denim and the Curatory downtown. Kris thought it would be great to offer her clients an opportunity to check out Sarah's store and for me to help by offer styling tips to clients in at an early evening party. So, if you know a store you want to have schedule a private party at, give me a call and/or speak with the owner or manager. It happens a lot more than people think. Back to last night - it was just that, a party. Very low-key, no-pressure jean fittings and fashion advice.

Women were trying jeans and I was styling them with shoes from Main and Taylor and jewelry from Christine Jones Jewelry. Raleigh Denim offers premium jeans for men and women. I was loving the deep teal blue and spruce wash jeans. Both are versatile and wonderful in color. Raleigh Denim also offered earlier this year a white jean with a black dye component on the inside that gave the jeans a white/gray faded tone. It was a great color combination that provided a unique option for people not wanting to do the stark white. Since I am all about wearing white all year long, this would be an easy option for those that are still suspect of this ‘white’ trend.

One after another, women emerged from the fitting room in all shapes and sizes, modeling jeans of various styles, including a newer high-waisted look. Not like the look Jessica Simpson made the news for, but a sleeker, more modern high waist. For women that are short waisted not so good, but for those who were petite in height or tall, the look was really nice and flattering. It was amazing how it elongated their legs. Then again, seeing Sarah in her high-waisted jeans and rocking 5 inch spruce green suede heels made us all salivate. Her genes, believe me, are not the norm.

Many people wonder if price matters. I loved seeing how a premium jean versus a Gap or Levi's jeans sit on a woman's body. I have always said you get what you pay for. Then again, most people can't afford or justify a pair of jeans for over $200. And I’m not knocking the Gap or Levi’s - they’ve been in business a long time, and make great jeans, it’s just that there’s something about a pair of premium jeans that makes it worth the money.

One of the many styling questions that I got last night was what type of boot to wear with what jeans. Do I do black belts and boots, or brown belts and boots? Either works, and it’s a matter of preference. Brown is a little softer and tends to blend versus black is more sharp in contrast.

I also talked about gold and silver jewelry and accessories. One of the things I like most that Christine Jones has done more and more of this season, is combining chains that are in several finishes. She often combines one or more of gold, silver, pewter and copper. Most people can wear both gold and silver, but often choose just one to incorporate into their wardrobe. Stepping out of that comfort zone is often hard, but that is frequently what I try to get clients to do. There’s nothing more freeing than trying something new and discovering that, if you like it, your wardrobe has just expanded itself without a single additional purchase!

Last night I spoke to several women about buying one key item a season that may be slightly different from what they gravitate towards. Items from the Curatory gave women a chance to do just that, with many different looks, including a beautiful black wool coat with a front buttons and back full zipper. Truly stunning! There were also several tops that were short in the top and longer in the back. Now....let me just say, that look is not for everyone. And it may not be appropriate in a corporate setting, but certainly great for a night out.

What I enjoyed most last night was the relaxed buzz of the room. It was a smaller space, filled with women bonding over jeans! Imagine that. Then again, John the expert employee who runs the shop, was quite mellow himself. I had to giggle when one gal came out in a plunging deep v-neck top fully exposing her cleavage and the top of her bra. I had to comment that I expected John has never seen a breast, to which he replied "never" and slyly grinned. One of those moments that’s like asking him if he’s ever encountered a woman that hates to shop for jeans.

As the evening wound down and I packed up, the proverbial icing on the cake was when someone asked about my skin in a complimentary ‘what products do you use’ kind of way. I mentioned the new product line I was using, Rodan and Fields. Of course, she asked my age and I actually told her my age. In my mind I will be 29 or maybe 39 forever. Ahhhhh.........what a fun night!

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  1. Last night was SO much fun!! Thanks, Suzanne, for helping us pull our looks together and think outside of the proverbial box. You're the best! xoxo


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