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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Today’s Trendy Man is Buying

Recently I was thumbing through the Fifth Anniversary Issue Esquire 2011 Fall Big Black Book, which is the Style Manual for Successful Men. My first question is what actually makes a man successful. Is it wardrobe or his character? I think both. A greatly dressed man certainly makes my head turn, but really it is a man of strong character that really makes me think of success. But since it isn't up to me to judge what Esquire Magazine is putting on their cover, let's just talk wardrobe. Here is a list of what they recommend for the successful man who is looking to update his wardrobe. Check out my own personal color commentary to this fabulous guide.

ISIA Statement Suit. A statement suit a pinkish-brownish windowpane suit. According to Esquire, men are no longer throwing caution to the wind and are willing to be either very brave or very foolish. I would rather put my money in something other than pinkish when investing in a windowpane suit. Make sure you kill the look by adding a really cool shirt, tie or even a pocket square, but opt for brown with cream or even a charcoal suit.

The Dries Van Noten Wool Coat. Heavy wools, flannels and melton wools that are tightly woven are popping up all over for men this season. Dries Van Noten is setting its’ own trend by offering a coat made of kemp, a coarse, crinkly wool. It is tweedy in appearance and will weather in cold situations. Great for anyone living in weather challenging places, but for most of us a nice wool mid-thigh coat will suffice!

The Paul Smith Velvet Blazer. A double-breasted navy velvet blazer. Stunning in color and the fabric appears so rich. Look instead for a single breasted brown or camel jacket. Easier to pair with dress jeans, and a boot. Paul Smith offers this jacket for $1075, but I bet Calvin Klein has something that may do the trick!

An 11-hole pebble grain hunting boot. Yes, timeless in shape and construction, but I am thinking any lace-up dark boot will work from day to night. Putting money into a nice leather shoe always makes any outfit look polished.

The Belvest Unlined Shetland Blazer. Talk about learning something new every day. A shetland blazer is kin to a Harris Tweed, but with a different process. Belvest has taken processing to a whole new level by deducing how to wash the stiffness out of Shetland wool without warping the wool. Their solution was to construct the jacket so its proportions are a touch off kilter, allowing the shrinkage to be brought down to its’ intended size. Alone, this is a fascinating feat, but to have the jacket be unlined and the wool soft is amazing! The price tag on this jacket is $1095. I vote for this fabulous fabric, as it will offer comfort, quality and most of all a great style for years to come. I expect it will also age like a fine wine. Personally, I'd wait to start looking for discounts to help with the cost.

The Brunello Cucinelli Double Breasted Non-Suit. Can't tell you what a non-suit is exactly.... Most men are cautious about selecting a double breasted suit as they feel like a gangster or banker on Wall Street. This designer has actually combined two pieces, plaid and houndstooth, and woven in black and navy yarns. The unlined suit features buttons on the jacket that are narrowed from its’ previous double breasted look. The end look offers an ooh-la-la appearance without looking ridiculous. I'm hoping that this will be a trend that we will see more of. Amazing how moving the buttons in closer and keeping a garment unlined can make all the difference.

The Prada Tumbled Leather Bag. Just like the writer states, “Investing in status luggage can be fought with peril". Anytime we see someone with designer bags or luggage we think one of three things. Great bag, knock-off, or show off. The tumbled leather bag offered by Prada for the successful man is just that, a serious investment item. Like many fine leathers, it only looks better over time, and often what I refer to as vintage. The price tag is pretty stiff at $2,550 and it is safe to say there is something out there that is comparable for less, but a great item for any guy.

The Allegri Winter Linen Jacket. This seems like an oxymoron in conception, but actually does make sense. It takes the look of a tweed jacket (not of heavy wool) and is actually summer linen. The Italian company has perfected the process by waterproofing the yarns and inserted a microlight nylon down vest, buttoned into the coat for warmth. It is multi-tasking at its best for versatility and style. Now that is fabulous, but again comes with a price tag of $895. That jacket is great for those living in winter warm weather climates. If I could shake my money tree a little more, I would purchase this for my father in Florida, as it would combine his favorite look of tweed with his like of really linen fabric with the warmth needed for slightly cool weather nights. Better than that, it would go with his khaki's, since that is his uniform trouser of choice!

Really great article about men’s fashion for fall and winter. If you are interested in seeing more go to the website and check out all the pictures. I'd love to hear what you would invest in from this list.

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