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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Interview with Christine Jones Jewelry

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Where do you get the inspiration for your design?

I often hold a specific woman or event (sometimes real, sometimes not) in my mind when I am designing. An example of this was when you asked me to design a pair of earrings for your client, Rhiannon Giddens of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, so she could wear them at the Grammies. The opportunity to match my aesthetic to a recording artist, her dress and that big event was thrilling. The design I developed (and that she wore on her Grammy winning night!) informed many other pieces I offered throughout the year. What makes my work cohesive is my artistic aesthetic around color, scale, and texture. I love to play with these artistic elements using gemstone beads, metals and chain. I like to think my work is easy to wear and enhances the woman. I want my customer to wear my jewelry, and not have my jewelry wear her.

We often collaborate on jewelry designs for clients. As you know, I love to look at your materials and hand select stones. Where do you find your materials? Do you shop seasonally, or do you just find things you like?

My works have continued to evolve. One major addition in December was sterling cuff bracelets. What makes them special is that each one is truly unique. They are all hand scribed, etched and forged. I have some 'stock' designs, as well as more personalized custom bracelets. There is a picture of a personalized bracelet on my website. I think I will always work with gemstones because I love the color they provide, but metal holds such a fascination for me that rings, cuffs and pendants are the next obvious steps. There is so much for me explore with metal and color!

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