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Sunday, January 8, 2012

You go, Tim Gunn!

I recently read the wonderfully warm mentor, Tim Gunn from Project Runway, is expanding his television visibility this year. He is co-hosting a new daytime talk show, The Revolution, which airs January 16th at 2pm on ABC. Each week the health and lifestyle show will highlight one woman's five-month-long weight loss experience. Friday is the big reveal. How is this program not a winner! Everyone loves to watch transformations. I live for that same exciting moment when my own clients have a similar positive life changing experience. Usually that special moment comes in front of a mirror and my grin is as big as my clients. It is the realization that positive change, big or small, is remembered and felt for a long time.

Tim's role on the show is to supply the fashion and styling advice to these women whose bodies are undergoing weight loss related changes. He is co-hosting with Ty Pennington, nutritionist Harley Pasternak, women's health expert Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, relationship expert. This show hits what I talk about regularly: dressing for your lifestyle. The Revolution will take everyday people and their lives, and offer advice and support for various issues so they can succeed! It is truly a feel good show.

As Tim continues to highlight his expertise, he will also put his stamp on being the official "style consultant" with Weight Watchers. He will consult on the mega successful Jennifer Hudson ads and offer tips on how to dress during the stages of weight loss. He is rebranding himself towards becoming a plus-size advocate. As our population continues to grow in body size, the positive mentoring of Tim Gunn will be a much needed gift. Acceptance and tolerance, while teaching about plus size style and fashion, is the mantra for his new endeavors. Personally, I am thrilled that "What Not To Wear" will have another show that supports fashion for all body types, but more importantly plus size women will have a voice.

As for plus size lines like the new Eloquii line from The Limited, these shows now offer new opportunities to highlight their fabulous plus size fashions. If it was up to me, and you know it isn't, I'd ring up Tim and get him to bring on Eloquii as the official clothing line for the new show. I am digging the looks! Like I said at the beginning, you go, Tim Gunn!

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