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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charm Bracelets, the Latest Fashion Trend!

Oh, the sweet memories of my mother’s clinking charms on her bracelet. My mother purchased a gold bracelet when she was first married. She had a charm for each of her daughter’s births, her wedding anniversary, travels, favorite sports, and others that we gave her. I used to love to put it on and look at the charms and ask my mother about each one. Somehow, her explanations never got old. Charm bracelets of old are equivalent to today’s over-bought Pandora.

Pandora offers beads and charms in every color, sport and life theme possible. Personally, I like a traditional one-time charm bracelet that speaks to the person wearing it. So much of one’s personality can come to light when wearing a bracelet that shares the life you have led.

This past season, I worked with a client who had a charm bracelet that was purchased for her about ten years ago. She had not added to it since before the birth of her last child three years ago. We purchased a charm similar to the other children's and she was amazed at how the price of gold had increased. I encouraged her to bite the bullet and consider it an heirloom piece of jewelry to incorporate into her wardrobe. I expected it would be something she would wear to church. I couldn't help but think of my mom and how much she has enjoyed her charm bracelet over the years. The trick in wearing a traditional charm bracelet is to feel as though it is not for dress only, but great with a pair of jeans, white blouse, black blazer and some heels. Think of it as an extension of a LBD uniform!

As the fashion trend of charm bracelets increases the popularity of charms, there is now a wide variety to choose from. Gold or silver, charms offering lifestyle glimpses: family, fashion (a shoe), art, medieval times or even just colors. How to choose? Keep these thoughts in mind:

  • Is this going to be a fashion item or an item to pass down to the family?
  • Do you prefer gold or silver?
  • What kind of financial investment are you willing to make?
  • How do you envision wearing this? Casual, dressy, or both?
  • Can you make the commitment to add to it if you decide to make it a family heirloom?
  • Gauge the amount of pleasure it will give you and decide if it is worth it in the long run
  • If you decide to make it a fashion piece, what do you want it to say? Big and bold or soft and feminine?

Lastly, if you are looking for a hobby, maybe this is something you want to consider. Shopping for antique charms can be great fun, and I expect will offer a great deal of satisfaction when you find a great treasured charm. If you decide to go the Pandora route, then I would opt for going online to find retired charms and even availability on eBay. Regardless, have fun and remember that fashion always comes full circle. Just like my client and my mother, it is something wonderful to pass along to the family. Hmmm? I wonder if this is a good time for me to let my mother know I want her to put my name on it in years to come. Now I'm thinking.....

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