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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christian Louboutin Celebrates His 20th Anniversary

For two decades, Parisian designer Christian Louboutin has been designing his highly creative footwear for women. Many devoted wearers know his signature shoes by the red soles. Few realize the red soles were actually a happy accident in shoe creation. Christian was in his studio looking at a prototype and realized the shoe didn't look right. He thought that the sole was a distracting black mass, so he grabbed his assistant’s bottle of red nail polish and covered it. What a great story, do you think he could have ever imagined the impact it has made years later? Few designers have been able to capture the same feel of seduction as the infamous red sole.

Christian says that his shoe designs have evolved through the heights of the heels. Today’s spiky stiletto heel is in great contrast to the medium heels he designed twenty years ago. He credits his stem-like stilettos to earlier in his career as a garden designer. Christian believes that women are wearing higher heels today and know that his designs are for pleasure and not practicality. Ya think?

Christian’s goal is to create shoes that add music and movement to the way a woman walks. I believe most all of that to be true, but for the average woman we have another thought. The shoes are inspiring, but who is going to be there to massage my feet after just a few short hours? Can I justify the cost per wear? Do I invest in a pair and then create an outfit around it, or vice versa? They are really not just shoes, but they are a work of ART!

In late October of this past year, Christian launched a beautifully photographed book of his exquisite designs as part of his 20th anniversary celebration. For those looking for a creative gift for any shoeholic for Valentine’s Day, this would be the gift. As a side note, can someone send this blog to my husband? Hint, hint. The book would make an ideal coffee table accessory or in the guest bedroom on the dresser. I have finally finished my book on lifestyle dressing and it should be on its’ way to the publisher. I am hoping that my book will also have that same look of beauty and sophistication that will make shoppers want to leave it on their coffee tables, as well.

As for Christian, I wish him twenty more years of creative mastery!


  1. Clearly Louboutin will not be walking a mile in his own shoe designs. The interview was conducted in the U.K., where he's launching a new book; he made these statements in the Christian Louboutin shoes, only to have them move Stateside via Fash Track. Well, it's not the first time women have had to suffer for beauty - but suffer for sex? Clearly Monsieur Louboutin thinks it's worth it!

  2. Well, it’s harder to be any more blunt about the Christian Louboutin Sex Pumps than the name of the shoes already suggests; like Christian Louboutin that have previously spelled “love” across the toes when the wearer’s feet are held together, this pair spells out…sex. There’s no non-literal way to describe what these pumps are, at least not that I can think of.


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