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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shopping for Budget Busters

Shopping for those items on your wish list that ordinarily bust the bank - how many times do you see an item in the store that you love and then check the price tag and say no way, can't swing that! This is the perfect time to go back to that item and see what the price tag now reads. I expect it will be at least at 50% off and can even be found with additional savings on weekends. This is the time to buy what you wanted earlier in the season but also focus on items that need replacing but you didn't have the budget for previously.

The best examples of higher ticket items worth checking out:

  • Leather anything: shoes, belts, handbags, jackets, skirts and gloves
  • Wool or cashmere coats, sweater or blazers
  • Trench or down jackets
  • Accessories like trendy jewelry, embellished belts, wraps, pashmina scarves, hats or beautiful umbrellas
  • Cocktail wear
  • If you like fur or even the look of fur, check out jackets, vests and yes- shoes (Jeannie, are you cringing?)
  • Items that will transition into spring

We have had the oddest winter here in NC. Here it is mid January and just recently I have been pulling out my winter coats. Because it hasn't been exceptionally cold, it's been a wonderful opportunity to continue to layer with sweaters and vests. This is a great time to think about buying items that are worn layered now and alone when it warms up.

The best example I found was during a recent trip to JMcLaughlin at North Hills Shopping Center. Erin and Molly are probably some of the nicest people in retail I have come across in a long time. This store really leans towards classic dressing with well-made garments. More she-

she than Talbots. I was told through the grape vine many years ago that this company has fabulous sales. I believe they opened in early spring of 2011, so I figured one way or another I would eventually wander in for a sale. I did that just last week.

Most everything is 60% off and the store is ripe for the picking. Molly has beautiful long legs so who better than her to model for me and try on a dress that is easily layered with tights or leggings for winter and a simple flat or boot. Molly could transition this in the spring with a bare leg and a casual sandal. Either way, I love a good leather tote and the easy jean jacket that she had thrown over her shoulder.

Endless possibilities exist with this striped boat neck dress that would pack and travel beautifully.

Lastly, I would be remiss in my job as a stylist if I didn't remind everyone that this is the time to buy any fine silk or sequined items that you wanted to build into your wardrobe. Since we can all agree that sequin's aren't going anywhere and is now considered more of a staple for holiday dressing or a night out, buying the best quality sale garment is the true trick and treasure all in one. Personally, I prefer my embellishments not to fall from the fabric as I move and shake, and I have been known to move and shake!

This little black number is more than half price and looks great with a dark wash jean and heels or a classic satin pant or skirt. Can you tell I am salivating?

So take one last peek in your closet, pull together your wish list and a credit card, and check out what half price or even better values are out there.

From my closet to yours -


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