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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My own twist to a New Year, New You

I have given this a lot of thought since actually Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for so many things that I have in my life. My family, my health and the freedom and ability to do what I love (fashion). Instead of making unrealistic goals for the New Year, I decided to put a twist to it and make it be all about fashion, my wardrobe and my family, as well. Since we are empty nesters, I can only do a few things at a time that will actually make a difference one way or another. View my family checklist and the before and after issues and compromises.

1. My daughter’s closet and drawers were bursting with items, from as far back as maybe junior high, that she hadn't worn for years. The plan at Thanksgiving was to convince her to clean everything out, consign the clothing, make a little money on the clothing, and take back to school what warm weather clothing was needed after Christmas break.


The idea came with some opposition, but agreement that it needed to be done. The compromise was that it would be done after our family vacation at Christmas. Did I mention this was one closet consult I would not be doing? About eight hours later and with six bags of clothing, my daughter completed her task and was off to Plato's Closet to consign her clothes. I expected she would get $50 for what she was offering to the store and by golly the payoff came in at $53-BAM! The rest was donated to charity.

2. I can't actually say I haven't been in my son’s closet in over two years. The last time I visited his closet was to evaluate what suits he had, as we were on our way to purchase a new suit for future interviews. I do recall pitching quite a few items that he brought to college some six years before. A little scary I may add. Bless his future girlfriend that may end up tackling the job of sorting it out.

What I did quickly notice when we were away together over the holidays was his underwear that had long seen their day (only because I did most of the laundry), and a few t-shirts and undershirts that definitely needed to be retired. How is it that a treasured fraternity t-shirt with holes still belongs anywhere besides at the bottom of a drawer? Certainly not on a family vacation!


While on vacation I always mention to my family that I need to briefly check out the local mall or street store boutique. I like to see how fashion and styles differ, as well check out what people are wearing. My family knows this is not an unusual request, although they also know it will be a relatively quick trip into the store, and that I personally am looking for a fashion souvenir. My son and I whizzed through Macy's and we revamped his underwear and undershirt collection in a matter of a half an hour. That even included time spent evaluating brands and fit. I miss those days of shopping with my son, so although brief, it was quite productive. The bigger question is has he now pitched his older ones from his drawer to make room to the new ones, or just stacked them on top of one another. I can't go there!

3. My husband’s pants. Let's just again mention the article that came out in GQ several months back speaking about Raleigh being the one of the 35 worst dressed cities. It was somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas when I decided my spouse was not going to be on any list or lumped into a category that was negative when it came to dressing. That would almost be sacrilegious! My husband has fortunately not acquired a large middle age bulge around the middle, so he looks great in flat front pants.


I have pulled 100% of his triple pleated pants and have only kept a few of his double pleated pants. He has moved into 2012 with pants that are flat in the front and on trend with today’s men’s fashion. Can you imagine having a wife that is a stylist and having to keep up with her fashion do's and don'ts? I actually am proud of him, he does quite well on his own. He has no problem bargain hunting at Nordstrom Rack to find his own great value piece to add to his wardrobe.

4. Lastly, I must talk about my personal twist for the New Year. I needed to go through my brooches, sliders and earrings and get them organized. I have them in three different holders. My necklaces are neatly hung on a slat wall but my earrings have no organization to them. The other issue is my tights drawer. I love tights and wear them constantly in the fall and winter.


Well, has it worked for me? Partially. I have colored out my jewelry to the small lucite drawers and organized by gold and silver. I have lumped together my sliders for my Omega chain. I also found some earrings that I was missing for several weeks and had actually turned the area upside down looking for them. SO…that is a major plus because they were a pair that my husband gave me. As for my tights, I haven't tackled that yet, but I feel like I have through the end of the month.

By the end of the month I will have completed two goals I have long since set for myself:

1. The tights drawer will be completely organized and colored out as well.

2. My book on "Lifestyle Dressing" will be completed and in my marketing person’s hands for her to use her handy dandy red marker on to slash with edits.

Be sure to check back with me February 1, because I promise proof of these last two New Year goals!

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