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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Setting the tone for Menswear Fall 2012

We already know that women's wear will mimic some of menswear with the typical plaids, suiting with vests, high waisted pants and pinstripe button downs. With our economic concerns and the looming election right around the corner, we are all rethinking our budgets for fall.

Your budget will take a hit if you don't know what you have in there and inadvertantly buy something you already have, so men, it is time to do the great closet clean out. Go through your closet and evaluate what you have. If your pant hems and shirt collars are frayed, it is time to donate them. If your suit jackets are double breasted and are lacking a double vent in the back, it may be time to shove them to the back of the closet. Maybe those suits will come back sometime in the next ten years. This is fine provided your shape doesn't grow. If your shoes are scuffed and the heel is worn down, this is a great opportunity to visit the shoe repair shop for a polish and new heel. At the very least a new heel. If you'd prefer to polish them yourself, it's an easy budget saver, and fairly quick to do. These are easy fixes that are much more economical than purchasing new ones. Make do and put your fall wardrobe dollars into a few key pieces for under $500.

* This season Gap is offering a collegiate American style cord blazer of quality cotton. It promises to be a key lifestyle builder to pair with wool or cotton pants, denim, plaid shirts and a military cap. Nothing like a classic style corduroy jacket to take your lifestyle wardrobe from day to night. At a budget conscious price of $88 - it's a steal as a wardrobe staple.

* Hugo Boss is offering a lace up sneaker-shoe that is functional as well as stylish. The calfskin leather is ideal for daywear paired with a casual dress pant, and right on trend to navigate a busy nightlife. The rubber sole provides the comfort for long days and is ideal for the man wanting more style than a typical sneaker. Found it at Piper Lime for a very affordable $125.

* Choose a low rise boot cut jean to add as a foundation piece. American Eagle is offering a jean this fall with a designer look minus the designer price. I especially appreciate that men are moving away from skinny jeans and are going back to a less trendy and more versatile look. The classic dark wash with deconstructed detailing makes this lifestyle wardrobe builder suitable for most casual office wear provided your office considers nice jeans business casual. Try throwing on the blazer to sharpen your style. If you like the fit, buy more than a pair at the easily budget friendly $49.50 pricing.

* The final item to complete your budget friendly fall wardrobe is a military theme suede cap from Banana Republic. This trendy accessory has become another option to the very stylish fedora but more easily worn. Great paired with jeans and a chunky cable sweater or a leather jacket, scarf and boot for an upbeat look. Look for the overall price of wearing when buying this cap for $69.

As always I recommend you start in your closet ans build from there - prioritizing what you may need. Keep your look clean and not overdone and use jackets and blazers, scarves and shoes as items that show your personality.
Send me your best fall look!

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