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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where Do You Get your Fashion Cues?

Fashion cues are what you see and think are fashionable. Whether you want to wear them or not is mostly subjective and always a matter of personal taste. The person standing next to you in line may be wearing something fashionable, but is not something you'd ever wear. For instance, if you tend to wear clothes with a bohemian vibe, something architectural and classic is not something you'd likely wear, but will recognize it as being fashionable.

If you are not a client of Wardrobe Consulting, then you are taking your fashion cues from somewhere. Let me guess...Style Magazine, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Elle, GQ, Good Housekeeping, Pintrest or the local department store? or possibly the tv show What Not To Wear?

As a stylist my job is stay as up to date on style trends, colors, seasonal fabrics, fads and what I feel will help my clients with their lifestyle dressing. I'm sure you've all noticed the economy is slow to bounce back, and in some areas the current weather isn't helping in the short term. There are a few things I have found over the past years that are most helpful in working with my clients.
  • Know what quality goods are available in the market, whether it is in a store or online.
  • Know when the sales are going to happen.
  • Prioritize client needs.
  • Always keep moving clients (as well as myself) moving forward with their style.
  • Budget, budget, budget and make a wish list to purchase later or to share with friends and family.
  • Remember to make every purchase count and don't be sucked into items that really aren't you!
  • Take time to evaluate what is in your closet and remember to consign or donate what is not working. Keep only what works!
A note about moving forward with your style, or being fashion forward. As we continue to age we have different wardrobe needs. What suited us in our 20's is no longer appropriate in our 30's or 40's. Although 40 is the new 30 and so on, we do change. I call it evolving to a better and more carefree place. As we mature, staying current to avoid the frumps is even more important, but finding that style may be more challenging given the body changes we all face as we age. My son refers to it as the mom body and when I questioned it, he said it is mom's with a belly. What am I supposed to say to that besides looking down at my own pooch and rubbing it like a buddha?!? My male clients have their own fashion and body issues they worry about, so I know no one is immune. Balding, the growing belly over the pants, pant legs they no longer fill out and so on. Who needs to point it all out? Although comfort becomes increasingly important as we age, feeling good about our appearance should never wane.

Back to your fashion cues...whether it is from me, your significant other, a fashion magazine or online take the time this fall to begin the process of dressing for your lifestyle by putting your best foot forward. 

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