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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Calling all men...what are you wearing on your feet this fall?

No different than many of my women clients, I often get questions about what shoes are appropriate for particular outfits. After wandering around SRI Shoe Warehouse, I came up with some fall style men's shoes sure to fit for a business, business casual or weekend wear ensemble. Take these tips and see if you have something that is similar in your closet.

* Black is alway dressier than brown. Your shoe should match your belt or at least be in the same general family.

* If you are wearing a suit for an interview, board meeting or event, go with black. A brown lace up will do the trick with a navy or charcoal suit.

* Make your first dress shoe purchase a glossy leather versus an exotic material.

* An elongated toe box is more classic and less trendy and will be there for the long haul. I am not referring to pointing toed shoes, though, guys!

* The sole of your dress shoe should be at least a quarter of an inch thick and preferably leather not rubber. Rubber is easier to find, but leather wears forever.

* Just like a great fitting pair of pants or a suit, if you find a brand that fits your feet and feels comfortable, look for another style made by the same manufacturer.

* Buy the best quality shoes possible as they will be there for the long haul!

Did I hear you ask about classic loafers?

* Bass Weejuns are still making their mark and living strong. While at SRI, I came across some navy, low sheen, metallic Weejuns, which were very nice. SRI does carry the ever-so-popular classic cordivane color which is safe, but let me tell you how to wear the navy. (much more fun)

* A navy Weejun pairs well with the colors grey, brown, camel, khaki, stone, hunter green and aubergine and of course any shade of denim. A loafer is best worn with casual pants and business casual attire but not shorts. Yes, I know there are a lot of you men out there that would wear a Weejun with a short, but that's what got us ranked 75 for worst dressed in a recent GQ poll about Raleigh! Opt for a soft leather driving moccasin that has a rubber sole for shorts please!

* Try pairing a loafer for business casual with a button down or crew neck, pullover sweater, henley or vest for fall layering with a casual sports jacket of either a sueded cotton, tweed or corduroy. Match your socks to either your shoe or pant.

Boots, the cold weather favorite

Boots, whether they are men's or women's, have made a huge impact in our lifestyle wardrobes. Only for a select portion of the population do we find men wearing cowboy boots, but the Chelsea boot has become a common theme in most men's wardrobes. Selecting a boot regardless of the brand, for example Frye, Bass, Cole Hahn or Teva, is a daunting task. Give thought to these questions before buying a boot:

* Black or brown? Brown tends to be a little more relaxed in look and equally as versatile as black.

* Distressed or smooth? Either way looks better over time the more they are worn.

* Buckles or grommets? Choose either adornment, but not both, and remember sometimes less is more when it comes to details.

* Rubber or leather sole? Decide whether this is a weekend wear boot or possibly for business casual work. Rubber soles remind me of work boots, so leather is a best bet.

Think long term when buying a boot. Boots are now considered season-less and guys, they can take any boring jean and t-shirt and offer instant appeal. Boots can be dressed up or down and worn with most anything except a tux. Then again, if you are attending the CMA's, then a tux and boot would work just fine.

A final note.....did you know that 90 percent of people have feet that are two different sizes?

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