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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Does Your Bra Fit? How Do You Know?

When you think you have heard everything about a bra fitting......

I recently had an opportunity to interview Kathy Bartholomew, a fit specialist for a company called Essential Bodywear. She has been fitting women of all sizes since 2011 and boasts that the company has sizes from 32A to 50H. I expect your eyes have just widened at this point. Never heard of a 50H? I've always known bras come in a variety of sizes. The H was a surprise, though.
Kathy told me about the number of women who she sees wearing the wrong bra size, and Kathy herself has a few goals. She wants to take that statistic of 85% of women wearing the wrong bra size and personally fit you so you no longer have neck, shoulder or back problems. She finds that most women want comfort and disregard getting the correct fit, let alone making sure the breast tissue is properly in the cup and not pulling at your pectoral muscles. Oh my, not the pecs!  
As a stylist I make sure that my clients are wearing bras that fit properly because it makes all the difference in the world of how clothes fit and hang on the body. I do recommend that clients get fit every six months because as we know through weight loss or gain, pregnancy or the ever lovely menopause, our breasts change. Eventually they go south, and Kathy has an answer for that as well. Essential Bodywear has bras that are made for seniors whose breast tissue have dropped.
Kathy has several clients who swear by her bra fitting and recommend the entire experience. She offers her bra fitting services in the privacy of your home or hers, and then there are the bra fitting parties with girlfriends. If you decide to host a party, you get free bras if she sells $800 or more. The company also offers holiday style bras, sports bras and underwear. Kathy started with the company after she finally found a sports bra that she could wear while horse back riding. She told me she got tired of bouncing!

Nancy is full of tips and quirky statements and it's really hard not to appreciate her sense of humor. We are talking about breasts, right?

* To put on your bra properly, put your arms through the arm holes by learning forward and reach behind your back to clasp the hooks. I said what? What if you can't reach behind your back. Nancy recommends either grasping the top or bottom hook and take your time and it will help. No one has ever told me that you will stretch out the band if you buckle it in front and twist it around!

* Once you have gotten the bra on, bend over and pull your breast tissue up and from the side and fit it into the cup of the bra. Believe me, it works!

* Use a mild detergent like Ivory liquid, and never Woolite, to hand wash your bra in cold water. If you opt to wash it in the washing machine, use a lingerie bag and the hand wash cycle. 

* Never hang a bra by the straps or band. Lay flat and mold cups with a towel. This sounds like a lot to dry a bra, but it makes the bra last so much longer.

* When storing your bras, don't fold the cups into one another, and use socks to keep cups molded when packing for travel.

As I mentioned Kathy has a few quirky sayings that I would be remiss if I didn't pass along. Kathy believes she can take anyone from saggin' to braggin'! But I like this one....posture counts and boobs shouldn't bounce!

Kathy offers gift certificates for the holidays and swears that spouses love picking out bras for their wives. I'm thinking Sid wouldn't know where to begin. I vote for a sports bras.

Next time you have the urge to go bra shopping, be sure to check out what Kathy has to offer and take her up on a good bra fitting. I know I'm gonna! 

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