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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ready or not, spring is officially here!

Last week I wrote about transitioning items in your closet from winter into early spring despite the cold weather. Well spring is officially here and it isn't getting a whole lot warmer. We know it's gonna get there but for many of us we are willing to transition our wardrobe because we are so tired of our winter clothes. 
Spring is looking great this year. There seems to be a lot of color-emerald greens, numerous melon to red orange tones, cobalt to navy blues to creamy whites and metallics . Pattern are color blocked, floral or abstract but regardless there is something for everyone and I mean everyone!
Just to get you started I have compiled a list of items that are worth considering to give your wardrobe a boost. Stores are stock full and weekend deals and promotions generally start running Thursdays. Do your own quick closet evaluation or give me a call for a more thorough closet consultation, but either way, it's time.
Spring Wardrobe Boosters
1. A military or fitted style jacket. Find a jacket that is versatile enough to wear with pants, casual dresses or jeans. I have seen several jackets that are made with two different fabrics, like a linen blend and cotton or cotton and silk. Personally, I chose an army green silk and polyester with a drawstring closure for a more fitted look.
2. A racer front dress maxi dress. Maxi dresses continue to be a fun option for spring and summer designer Rachel Pally has designed a new twist to the everyday look. Opt for a fitted cropped shrug for a dressier look for evening or jean jacket and flip flops for day!
3. A digital print blouse. How fun is it to add a digitally enhanced print blouse or top to wear back with your basic black skirt or pant? This isn't this season's wardrobe builder, but an item that will make more of a statement and add a pop to any wardrobe basic.
4. A floral or patterned print jean. I have seen bold prints and small and not so small floral jeans this season. From skinny to straight, cotton to stretch lycra, it's all out there for your choosing. A few recommendations:
  • If you are petite, keep your look overall more tonal. Choose a pattern that is small versus large and select a tee or top that is simple and preferably the dominant color in the pant.
  • If you are fuller figured and have more substantial thighs, look for overall patterns that are less busy or more muted. Make sure you balance your top to your bottom and you keep your top layers fitted and not full.
  • Pockets, embellishments and stitching beware! Wearing a pattern or floral jean is generally enough of a statement that few other details on the jeans is a good rule of thumb.
5. Leather or pleather pieces. Anything in a colored or texture lightweight leather in a top, jacket or skirt will be a hit this season. I have seen metallics, whites, melons, reds and blues. Again, this is a fashion piece, so a large investment is not required unless you see yourself wearing it for years to come. Personally I have seen a few fabulous bomber jackets in supple leathers that are somewhat pricey from $350 to $500, but certainly are pieces nice enough to grow old with. On the other hand, I have seen items that are simply made and often are leather and cotton combined that are inexpensive and really fun. Either way, go forth and make it something you would really feel great in.
6. A drawstring handbag. I have always loved a bucket drawstring bag. Work it this season with a colored bag other than black or brown in leather. Take specific care in selecting a bag that will add a pop of color to your wardrobe without adding a lot of distracting details. Choose color and texture over embellishment and hardware.
7. A great wedge. Don't go safe, go color! Choose a colored fabric or leather with a woven rope or textured heel with either a fabric tie around the ankle or buckled straps.
8. A colored pair of sunglasses. Take a sandwich on the road one day and spend your lunchtime at discount stores like SteinMart, Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx and find the most colorful shades you can endure to wear this season. 
After viewing this list most of you are probably scratching your heads. For those who regularly read my blogs, I preach wardrobe foundation pieces to complement fashion pieces and lifestyle dressing. This season, I'm thinking wardrobe boosters. Add one or two out of your box items and I promise it will give your carefully calculated wardrobe a new feel.
Happy shopping!
From my closet to yours-

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