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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Should You Pull Out Your Spring Wardrobe Now?

It's the weekend and I am still debating to bring out spring and summer clothing because of the crazy inconsistencies with the weather. For those of you living in cold weather states with a few months to go before you start experiencing balmy weather one day and freezing temps the next day, bookmark this blog and come back in a month or so. Spring will get there - I promise.

Back to me and my closet issues. Getting the weather update from my husband for the week brought me to a few quick conclusions. Although I am steadily working with clients on their spring clothing and in stores daily purchasing, I am not personally ready to give up my tights and boots, but I will agree to put away my heavy wools, warm weather sweaters and coats.
Here are some tips on transitioning for the next few weeks until Mother Nature decides to commit to warm weather:
  • Plan your daily outfits for cold mornings and warming around noon or 1 pm by incorporating layers. This is the time of year also when not only is Mother Nature trying to decide how warm or cold it is, but your office or building administrator is also trying to decide if the heat or the a/c should be on.
  • Start with a camisole, blouse and a jacket or sweater. By lunchtime, if the sun is shinning and the sweat begins to bead down your chest, begin by taking off the sweater and keep on the camisole and open the blouse and wear it like a jacket. I have even gone as far as to rid myself of the blouse and just wear the jacket or sweater with the camisole. Call me crazy, but I'm alway thinking that if my outfit is going to take on another look, I need to have a back up plan. So I generally plan to add a silk scarf or necklace if I am left with a camisole and an open neckline. Scarves are easily carried by tying them around a purse strap.
  • Since I am all about making it really easy, I like to wear dresses. Many of my dresses are short sleeve or sleeveless. I may start with a coat, but again, carry a cardigan or a shrug and usually switch it out by late morning. Another crazy thing I have been known to do is wear tights and boots and once I have my first hot flash or urge to rip off the tights underneath my boots, I do. I may carry an extra pair of socks, so I don't have to go sockless with my boots. That would just feel icky, right?
  • Go ahead and begin taking out of your closet any heavy pants, wool tweed jackets, corduroy, velvet items, heavy long sweaters, turtlenecks, long leather skirts and furs from your closet. Pull out any long sleeve blouse or tops that scream winter and you won't wear into the spring.
  • Add heavy scarves and shoes to the list, as well. Suede shoes are still worn in the spring, especially the lighter colors like grey, camel or blue. Anyone besides me out there own denim blue suede peep toe shoes?
Keep these in your closet for now:

short height or ankle boots
cowboy boots - I so enjoy wearing them into the spring and summer
non-wool scarves, like the nice silk and linen ones we know you own
fedora hats
basic white blouse
jean jackets
short sleeve sweaters
short and long sleeve dresses
anything in lighter color palettes
poly, spandex, nylon, cotton model, silk layering items
basic black or neutral pumps
jeans, of course
skirts and jackets that are either lightweight tropical wools or unlined items.
winter white - keep and wear
So hang in there, and don't let this global warming get the best of us. Spring is right around the corner and stores are full and awaiting your arrival! This is a great time to evaluate your wardrobe needs for spring and begin budgeting for new spring items. In the meantime, be sure to read my latest article in Wake Living on Tone on Tone Dressing for Spring.
From my closet to yours,

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