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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Is Your Closet A Fashion History Lesson?

I read with interest an article in Bazaar about Suzy Menkes selling her legendary collection at Christie's. If you're interested in the sale, go here. The sale is scheduled to begin July 11.

Although I love a good sale, it was much more interesting to read about Suzy's perspective. A world famous fashion editor around since the 60's, she never truly parted with anything, which is the reason for the sale. She needs the space. The most interesting thing that happened to her while she was cleaning out her closet was she learned about herself. What would you learn if you took that trip through time and cleaned out your closet?

Suzy learned she loves patterns and prints, jewelry jazzes up an outfit, and she is not a minimalist. This is a woman who knows who she is and what she likes, and was surrounded by the best fashion had to offer for the last several years. It's tough to maintain your perspective when you're surrounded by inspiration.

Her clothes were both a product of her lifestyle and fit the lifestyle she was leading. I'm curious to see what made it up for auction, but it would be more interesting to see what she kept...

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