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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Day in the Life of A Stylist Seeking Her Own Dress

So, I have this great gig coming up on July 17th as the host of the Red Carpet Fashion Lounge at the Progress Energy Center before the Carolina Music Awards. Basically, I get to interview designers, boutique owners, the musicians and people producing the event. Knowing that I want to look and feel fabulous for this event, I begin last week to process what store I will approach to borrow a dress. The incentive for the store is a mention in the program and several hours of me sashaying around, talking about what a fabulous dress I am wearing from this great store, and hopefully doing my dream duet with Roberta Flack. If I am going to be standing next to Roberta Flack I better look great, ‘cause I expect my singing with her will cause her to run for the exit.

Needless to say, now that I have become a dark brunette, the world of new color selections has expanded. Hmmm, do I wear a formal black-tie gown, or a simple little black dress and some fabulous jewels from a few of the local jewelry artists I like to work with? So after a sleepless night of excitement, I sent an email to the store manager of a large department store that I have shopped at for years for myself and clients, hoping that my existing long-term relationship with them will help pave the way to a yes. After all, free publicity, they get to showcase a gown, and of course, I plan on dry cleaning prior to returning it to them.

A couple days go by. A slow response of acknowledgment but finally a response - it’s a no go. However, she will pass on the information about the event to the public relations office but they don't normally publicize events they aren’t a part of. Yeah, right...wow, here I am, a stylist hoping to get a little love for all the thousands spent with them, and they can’t help with a simple gown or dress for 3 hours? Guess we’re not in LA or NYC. Ah, well, there are plenty of other stores in Raleigh.

That leaves me heading to Cameron Village, though, re-evaluating my vision of making that statement on the red carpet. I’ll have to find a specific boutique that has both a gown and a little black dress so I can see if the outfit completes the vision I have floating around in my head, without traipsing all over town. You’re probably thinking- just buy the dress, already! Formal black-tie gowns are kind of like bridesmaids dresses - what’s fashionable one season is out of fashion the next, and it never seems like you get to wear it more than once. So, faced with the option of finding something to wear that I will not be able to wear again anytime soon leaves me with the dilemma of maybe thinking consignment or using the online service, Rent The Runway. So if anyone out there has a fabulous dress that you want me to showcase and name drop your store let me know...

Raleigh certainly has come a long way in the 19 plus years I have been styling folks so you'd think this would be easy!

From my closet to hopefully yours!

Savvy Suzanne

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