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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dressing Tips: When It Is Actually Too Hot To Wear Clothes

The thermometer is showing over 95 degrees and you wonder if you will soon combust or just sweat out every ounce of liquid through your pores! Before that happens, check out these tips and do a quick closet check to make sure you have the tools you need to survive the heat of summer:

  1. Opt for washable natural fibers such as linen or cotton, avoid all man made fibers.

  2. Wear as few layers as possible and loose fitting versus tight or binding.

  3. Wear sleeveless or sundresses whenever possible, pairing with a light sweater for those occasions you step into a movie theatre or restaurant where they keep the air conditioning at 60 degrees.

  4. Select cap sleeve shirts and tops if the sleeveless look is not an option due to a heavier upper arm. Make sure the sleeve set is at or right below the heaviest part of your arm.

  5. Gravitate to skirts and avoid pants or capri’s .

  6. Wear lighter color fabrics and avoid dark tones.

  7. Consciously decide to wear less make up and focus on a more natural look. There’s nothing worse than the feeling that your make-up is melting and running.

  8. This is an ideal time to incorporate a little white dress into your closet and dress it up or down as needed. Pair with a jacket or structured cardigan for business and a peep toe pump or a strappy sandal for night.

  9. Dressing to fit corporate office culture gets challenging as the summer weather heats up. Instead of dressing in suits and jackets try a sleeveless sheath dress with structured and lined jackets of linen, seersucker or polished cotton.

Lastly, I always recommend keeping a small bottle of hydration mist in your purse. You would be amazed how a quick spritz of mist will refresh you in no time flat!

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