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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Calling All Women!

Calling all women, calling all women! Do you think you could rock this look in the Triangle? Can you imagine getting up in the morning and throwing on this cute little red dress with some black tights and boots? Would you have the confidence to go from your everyday attire, whether it is jeans or that little black skirt, and wear this dress proudly?

This dress is designed by Project Runway alum Daniel Feld, and we found it at Fashionista.com. All of his goods are not only made in the good old USA, but in NYC to boot! Think about being inside his factory in the fashion industry and seeing the production line of his fashion line. If you have never been to a NYC designers factory or warehouse, that alone is worth the trip. I will never forget my first time going to the Carlisle and Etcetera warehouse that sells previous season’s merchandise. My mother and I years ago walked down the street looking for the building and were shocked to see the lack of signage on the building front. We stumbled upon the address, and opened the door to an unlit hallway. Picture me, holding my large purse like I was ready to bash someone over the head, and my mother just chattering away.

Inside the rusted out elevator door, we puched the button for the third floor and when the doors opened we strode out into a massive open warehouse with about 100 women frantically shopping as if the goods were leaving on a freight truck in minutes. As for the ten men holding women's purses, they just looked blankly into space, probably hoping they could leave before closing. I have seen that look many times before, and it ain't pretty. Ah, the smell of a musty warehouse full of bargains. Two hours later we rode back down the elevator with packages in hand looking for a cab. That was my experience with NYC warehouses, so I can imagine what Daniel's design house looks like. To rent space alone in the NYC fashion district, you are going to need design a line that is gonna sell and sell well!

Back to my original questions. The little red dress certainly looks comfortable and actually could be worn several different ways. With a poncho, with tights, leggings, a cigarette leg jean, a long sleeve fitted t-shirt underneath for warmth, with necklaces, scarves, ballerina flats, boots, or pumps, and that is all just for fall and winter.

My theory as a stylist is that it is all about comfort and making the garment be a part of your lifestyle. Wear the dress instead of it wearing you. All it takes is a little confidence in how you look and feel in it. It could easily become a wardrobe staple and essential item to build upon. This red dress is trendy on, but only if you make it appear that way.

Give thought to wearing it for everyday wear and how it could be part of your wardrobe. Could you strut yourself into Whole Foods (my husband calls it Whole Paycheck) in that cute dress? Actually, I dress up most days and often do run into Whole Foods with heels and feel quite comfortable.   I refuse to lie down and say we don't and can't wear trendy essential clothing in the Triangle.

Someone obviously is, because stores like CT Weekends are selling European designers and are doing just fine. Daniel’s little asymmetric red frock isn't any trendier and quite honestly, is right on par with what they are showing in their store. I do believe the Triangle is becoming more and more of a fashion forward location. With the growing number of fashion shows and emerging designers in the area, fashionable options that don’t come from big box stores are increasing quickly. Wouldn’t it be great to get off GQ’s list of most unfashionable cities in America? The easy way to do that is to get comfortable with dressing with purpose and for your lifestyle. This little frock could be worn with flats for day with a scarf, and with heels at night with a faux fur poncho to theatre at the DPAC. Actually, I think I have almost talked myself into it ladies! Should we check the price first?

A final tip.....I bought an asymmetric black cotton/spandex fitted dress about five years ago when that look was quite big. It's still one of my favorites, but last season I had the hem line cut straight across and ta-da! I got a brand new look!

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