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Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion Sneakers v Athletic Sneakers

Converse sneakers are not only timeless, but ageless foranyone who wears them. I'm just saying....

A friend of mine at Raleigh Racquet Club was rocking herblack Converse with black jeans, print shirt and black cardigan. What I lovedwas despite being a member of the over 50 crowd, she is comfortable enough inher own style to wear them casually and for fun. TJ, is actually one of themost classy ladies I know. She is a true southerner with the most gentle wayabout her. So seeing her today in her Chuck Taylor's was a hoot!

It made me think, though, so let's get back to wearingConverse sneakers or sneakers in general as part of your wardrobe. We all wearsneakers for a variety of reasons.

* for athletic reasons when participating in sports
* for walking long distances or for travel
* for comfort, because having another type of shoe forcasual wear may be too hard to select and not worn enough to warrant purchasing
* as a fashion statement (now we are talking)

These are my thoughts on sneakers. Sneakers are a neededlifestyle item best worn with sweats, warm-up suits, shorts, capri's, andathletic wear. A regular athletic sneaker doesn’t look so good with jeans thatare blue (or any other color) unless they are more of a "fashionsneaker".

Fashion sneakers usually have a look and personality oftheir own. I love a good fashion sneaker, and when I see someone in publicwearing them it makes me smile. They’re so versatile, and can be worn with mostcolored jeans, summer casual dresses, a cool leather pant, free flowing skirts,leggings, jeggings and maxi dresses. You either get it and do it, or you don’t.Typically, I find fashion sneakers at department stores, places like DSW andonline at Zappos, like these:

PUMA: Zandy Wn'sLacoste: Meuse WOSuperga: 2750 LAMEWUGG: Laela Sparkles

Next time you go shopping for a casual sneaker, thinkabout how you actually plan to wear them. TJ's look with her Chuck Talyor'sConverse gave her an updated, but certainly not over the top, casual look (greatfor the pro-shop that she was working in, and comfortable enough to spend acouple hours on her feet). Fashion sneakers tend to offer an option for thosewho just can't pretend to want to wear a Nike or Addidas athletic sneaker withtheir everyday casual wear. So here’s to all those willing to walk on the wildside!

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