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Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping for Jeans

A friend of mine went shopping for jeans, and sent me the following note, which I thought I would share with you.

"Well, I went jeans shopping yesterday and now I know why all the jeans models in have their pelvises tilted back and knees bent --- skinny jeans are not flattering on upper thighs unless you've had them liposucked completely out. The way they pose keeps their thighs un-engaged hahaha. Anyway, I do like the ones I got, and they are dark in color and mid-rise. Thanks for the advice!

ps: I sure hope low rise jeans are on their way out. An average butt in lowrise jeans with tight thighs looks awful. It's like the ultimate worst thingyou could do to make your butt look unattractive: put a big 'ol horizontal line(waistband) almost at the fattest part, then make the thighs look like wads of gum stuck on top of toothpicks. The new stretchy jeans make it even worse, since they totally expose flaws, instead of holding things in place."

I wonder, how many of you have similar stories? Do share.....

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