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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fine Men's Clothing

There are men that prefer to order clothing in the privacy of their homes and offices. They don't enjoy hitting the stores or shopping on the internet, but appreciate the one on one service of an expert tailor and wardrobe consultant. Tom James, the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of custom clothing, is offering just that service in over 100 cities throughout the country.

The company encourages clients to chat about purchases they made, and what they liked about the garments. The article I read was a push for three piece suits. Personally, I will take a man in a three piece suit any day. I love the sophisticated look of a tailored vest and I especially like when the suit jacket is

taken off for a more informal look of just the vest and pant. For most men, I expect the vest and pant is more comfortable, but still offers a look of appearing polished. I appreciate the casualness of this look with or without a tie. A vest ups the ante, whether it is business or out for the evening.

The company started in 1966 and has annual sales of over $250 million. Eighty percent of sales are generated from established customers and the clients enjoy the custom made to measure and ready-made executive apparel. Between the 500 suit fabrics, 250 shirt fabrics, and 1000's of ties to choose from, Tom James offers men a guarantee that the fit and style will be unlike anything you have every experienced. Over the years I have been approached by many Tom James consultants to refer my clients to what is offered by the company. It really is an experience to mull

over the fabrics, styles, and details of what custom suiting provides. For most of us, it isn't in the budget or fit our lifestyle. Obviously, for some it is a wonderful luxury, or maybe a needed convenience. I'll have to ponder that one. As for why I am blogging about Tom James, it is because I was approached once again to market their services to my clients, and thought I'd look into what they were doing as of late.

Vests generally come with two lower pockets, with or without chest pockets, and a choice of a lapel. Another notion of wearing a vest is that it is more slenderizing because the eye looks in one continuous line. It is no different than a woman dressing in monochromatic colors. The bigger decision for men is to purchase the same fabric as the coat and jacket or a buy a complementing fabric. Those clients that know me, remember that I am the "no matchy, matchy" queen. I like a little visual stimulation! Another thought is to not get the same fabric for your vest and to select a fabric that will complement another pant or even dark jean to wear more casually.

I really believe in lifestyle dressing and selecting items from your custom suit maker, stylist, or salesperson at the local bargain box that are versatile and not just for one occasion. There are times when a three piece suit in one color might be needed, but I am thinking that would be for more formal attire.

A final personal question to those who have had the experience of working with an expert tailor and consultant that helps you hand selects fabrics and silhouettes.....do you match your pocket square with your tie?

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