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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The CFDA Annual Awards - Who Will Win?

With every industry, there are people that belong to a trade organization. You know, doctors have the AMA, dentists have the ADA, and so on. We in fashion have a trade organization dedicated to protecting the rights of the people that live, breathe, eat, and sleep fashion. It's the Council of Fashion Designers of America, otherwise known as the CFDA. And they have an annual awards ceremony every year to celebrate innovation and creativity, among other things. For those of you who want to go, the event is June 4 in NYC. 

For those wondering how runway fashion is able to translate to the local scene (or not), or just want to see if the designers are making anything you'd wear - check out this link. The link is for the CFDA awards show, and on the left hand side of the page they have nominee lookbooks. I thought I'd take a look and give my thoughts as to who I'd vote for in each of the awards categories:

Womenswear: A tie between Marc Jacobs and Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen For The Row. I love several items in each group. I could easy see wearing many of the garments, but where to is another question.

Menswear: Simon Spurr designs are classically developed with unique fabrics that are integrated into the garments in strategic places.

Accessory: Alexander Wang offers eye catching lines with colored textured leathers and hardware.

Swarovski Womenswear: Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis of Suno offer outstanding combinations of opposing fabrics in relaxed flowing designs.

Swarovski Menswear: Todd Synder takes this awards hands down. Just when you are convinced he will continue a classic look, he adds a rich detail to a jacket or interesting coloration to a knitwear.

Swarovski Accessory: I absolutely loved Irene Neuwirth and Pamela Love. Both have very creative designs. I look forward to watching their success.

Let me know your favorites! 

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