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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Quest for Fashion

Every season I try and travel to a different market or two to check out what the "locals" are wearing, and what is trending in their neck of the woods. I also use it as an opportunity to find potential new resources for clients. I love finding well-priced local stores and jewelers that may provide my clients with items not found in our area. I may only order from them for one season, but it keeps me motived as well as interested in what is outside our area. 

For the next few weeks I will be making some quick trips to two known fashion hot spots. The first brings me to South Beach in Miami. I am here celebrating a milestone and had promised myself it would not go unnoticed. I will let you imagine what that milestone may be. I chose Miami so I could have a quick glimpse of what is trending in the fast lane of wealth and sunshine, where jet setting and spending is an hourly occurrence. I expect, and hope to see, what women and men view as everyday casual dress, dressing influences of their surrounding culture, most common colors and clothing worn, and night life dress. I expect I will be in for a few surprises as well as some really exciting aha! moments.

Stay tuned for more about my trip!

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