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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swimsuit Shopping - Yay or Nay?

Navigating the challenging waters of buying a swimsuit is exhausting. I don't care if you are size 0 or size 24 - it's hard. Why we tend to make it harder on ourselves than need be, I will never understand. Being a stylist, I feel no different. It is a necessary thing we must do at least once or twice in our lifetime and it ain't easy. We are all on this same page on this topic, so let me give you a few things to consider before you begin.
  • Eat a light snack before heading out to try on suits. You'll need your energy, and although you don't want to feel too full or bloated, you also don't want to shop hungry and grumpy. Have clothes that are easily to change into and out of, including shoes.
  • Bring a bottle of water and a girlfriend who is honest. If don't have one, hire a wardrobe consultant to shop with you or be honest with yourself without being overly critical.
  • Plan to spend a few hours looking in several stores and at several swim suit options. If you find a great bottom at one store and not the ideal top, then buy the bottom and continue looking for a top that works. No ever said the whole suit has to be the same brand or color. One recognized trend is women wearing two different colors on top and bottom. You can either blend the two colors or do contrasting colors. There is no hard and fast fashion rule, here. I say find the best fit, first and foremost.
  • Stick to smaller patterns, unless you have attributes you'd like to make appear larger than they are. Brights and larger patterns will make you appear larger. Most women want to look slimmer. Darker colors look best on the bottom. That doesn't mean your suit has to be boring. Solid black is slimming, but navy, darker greens, browns, and purples with give you that same sliming look. Step out of the box and at least try new things to see what you think! Personally, I like to incorporate a little dark metallic into my swimwear. For some reason, it makes my skin tone look richer, because I don't opt to sunbathe these days!
  • Hopefully at this point in your life you know your best asset. If it is your breasts, then focus on drawing attention to it with either a deep v-neck, or full bra tops that have underwire for support. Just like with your clothing, you want to draw the attention upwards.
  • If your body shape is more of a pear, then look for suits that are streamlined and don't emphasize the thigh area. Stay away from any detail around the thigh and hip region. This is when I would focus on a textured dark suit or ruching on the waist drawing attention to the side.
  • If you are small chested, look for tops with detail or embellishments. A little adding padding goes a long way!
  • If you have larger thighs, look for suits with skirts or swim shorts. This will help elongate the look of your leg and will also be comfortable for swimming. That is the purpose of a bathing suit, right? Who needs a suit you can't actually get in the water in?
  • Remember to size up and bring several styles in at a time. When sizing up, don't buy to camouflage your body. The suit should be fitted to your body. It is no different than wearing baggy clothes. That is no-no, and you will actually appear heavier. Once you have actually selected a suit, remember to invest in a cover-up. Tunics tops are great options to use as a cover-up. Find a color that will complement your suit, but it can also be something that doesn't match exactly. You know my thoughts on matchy-matchy!
  • Once you are done, celebrate the achievement and begin making plans to show off your new suit!

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