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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Do They or Don't They?

We have the FaceBook contest going about when the last time you changed your hairstyle was. Winner gets a complimentary scalp treatment, shampoo and blow dry. I thought it was a good reward to offer since in my line of work, I have discovered that people have funny relationships with their hair. Some people are willing to change their hair color and hair cut with every season or every year. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have had clients who were stuck in a decade like the 80's or even as far back as the 50's. So today, it's about hair.

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) Clairol introduced the thought that it's nobody's business but yours about what your true hair color is with the tag line 'Does she or doesn't she'. Haircolor products then weren't what they are today, and it was the first product, I think, that let you color your hair at home with reliable results. L'Oreal took it one step further a decade later with 'Because I'm worth it'. Both illustrated this with different ad campaigns about what kind of person wants to keep their coloring habits a secret (the girl next door), and the kind of person who wants to feel like they deserve to color their hair whatever color they want. Two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Today, there are a lot of people out there living their lives and having an obvious silver, blue or red streak in the hair doesn't matter to them or the people around them. And there are people who are more traditional with their hair color choices while taking some risk - blonde to red, for instance, or black to blonde. Why does it matter? Believe it or not, changing your hair color impacts the colors you can wear near your face, even though your skin tone has remained the same.

That bright red hair band you used to be able to wear may not look good with the copper streaked with blonde color you have chosen to change your hair color to. Believe me, I am not against changing your hair color, in fact, I am ALL for it! But, pay attention to the colors you tend to wear the most around your face. This includes earrings, necklaces, hair bands, scarves, and tops. If your favorite color is red, then the hair color you choose should work with that red. By thinking about it beforehand, or discussing it with your stylist, you'll save yourself the time and aggravation of discovering you need to temporarily replace some of your favorite items while your hair grows out, or you wait until you want to, or have time to, change your hair color again.

If you want to win the trip to the Douglas Carroll Salon so you can talk to them , be sure to tell me about your hair on my FaceBook page. I'd love to hear about it, and believe me, I've heard a lot!

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