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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Keeping It Cool

Many months ago when I was doing segments for My Carolina Today on NBC, I did a story line on breathable fabrics for the extreme weather we are experiencing now. Sometimes there isn't a whole lot you can do when it is 100 degrees out, besides limit your outdoor time during the day and plan most activities for early morning or early evening. Good sound advice for everyone, although I remember laughing it off as a kid. 

I have actually worked at following my own advice as much as possible. Ask me how that's working out, after I play tennis this evening. Back to my thoughts...the story in the video was filmed at Great Outdoor Provision. It was one of the first stories I did solo without a host, and I was interviewing an employee at the store. I hit every mark I needed to include more information that anyone would ever need to know for purchasing clothing in extreme weather. I was so proficient that I went over the allotted taping time by several minutes, maybe five or more. A rambler in front of camera is something I do well! I wonder if Justin (the camera/producer) guy remembers that episode. I was a little nervous.

 Check out  this video on YouTube:  Keeping Cool for Summer Activities  

Here are a few other suggestions for keeping it cool:

* wear lighter colors and not dark colors or dark patterns (white or beige is optimal)
* choose loose fitting linen fabrics, cottons or, and this is the best choice, wicking fabrics that absorb sweat
* wear shorts or skirts and avoid pants, if possible
* sundresses are the best option and can usually be worn to work with a sweater or vest to cover your shoulders.
* avoid denim weight pants - if you want to wear denim, capri's are a better option
* wear a woven hat to shield the sun and heat
* carry a lightweight sweater to deal with heavily air conditioned places
* wear sandals that offer a leather or sweat absorbent foot bed
* avoid shoes that are man-made material such a plastic, vinyls or pleather
* if perspiration stains are a consistent problem look for medically based deodorants

My last and final reminder.....remember the sunscreen daily and reapply if you are outside for more than four hours.

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