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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fashion on the Red Carpet at the Carolina Music Awards

Sunday night I hosted the red carpet interviews for the Carolina Music Awards in downtown Raleigh. This is my second year hosting, if you remember last year I hosted the Red Carpet Fashion Lounge. The red carpet once again proved a very exciting venue with fabulous fashions and quite a few jaw dropping outfits! 

The event started at 5:30 with a warm up band and crowds beginning to milling about. Red Bull drinks were being passed around, while most people were trying to deal with the heat. I for one was trying to do just that. I had already prepared to have my hair up, so my long hair was a non-issue, except possibly combusting if anyone came near me with a flame. My make-up, however, was another story, which is why if you can't laugh at yourself then how boring are you! 

My make up was done by Patricia Saccardo, a professional make up artist who can make any person look years younger or have flawless skin. Either way, I'm a winner as long as Patricia is doing her thing on my face. Patricia not only opted for false lashes, but a newer version that started mid eye and winged out like a bird in flight along the edges. Loved the look - especially when my own lashes have decided that they no longer want to be a part of my eyes. 

Back to my make-up sliding off my face. After an hour into my gig of interviewing many of the nominees for the award show, I begin to feel the glue from the false lashes attach to my lower lashes. Not a good place for them, just so you know. In mid-sentence and interview, I put my hand up to draw the lids open. By then it is a combination of glue, sweat and make-up surrounding my lids and eye sockets. I quickly finish the interview, drop the microphone and bolt inside to do damage control. As icing on the cake, not only is my eye running and my lashes deciding on new placement on my face, but I have sweat pouring through parts of my dress and undergarments that had never, and I mean never, felt such dampness before. Ok, I retract that statement. I do hot yoga, so yes, I can sweat, but it's different in a cocktail dress and Spanxx. And much less comfortable. Oh well, had to put on my big girl panties and get back out into the heat - I am a professional, right?

I want to highlight just a few of the wonderful and not so wonderful outfits I witnessed last night. I believe I actually had the opportunity to interview and ask them about their own personal style, which was fun and enlightening. Here's my recap, as I remember it...
  • A rapper nominee with yellow fitted jeans, a faux fur vest, a silver bike chain necklace, and matching yellow sneakers. No shirt, though.
  • A manager of a model nominee that wore black lace tights, a black suede pump with gold heels, and a black top with shoulder cutouts that covered her right below her rear end.
  • A young late-comer to the event wore a fabulous cream dress with a fitted black criss-cross banded waist, neutral hosiery and a black pump. The hose killed it, and just looking at it made me warmer than I already was.
  • A beautiful blue tunic with a draping neckline and gold boy-shorts! Love this nominee's outfit and she had the fun personality to match! 
  • A rocker nominee in a polo, baggy shorts and sneakers.
  • A hot fushia body fitting jumpsuit and gold pumps worn by a R & B nominee.
  • A country singer with a V-neck floral floor length dress with a train fully embellished by her mother, who is a seamstress. She was young and fresh and could certainly belt out a tune.
  • Black striped mens suit, with a lime green shirt, matching lime green sneakers, and cool patterned tie. He definitely had his style going on!

I could probably go on forever, but I have to mention one of the highlights of the evening were the painted models. Two guys, one with his chest painted with a country western type shirt and necklace, the other like a rapper with a painted heavy chain. The women blew me away! One petite blond wore a strapless bra with a painted corset and jewelry to work with her hot pink vinyl skirt. Fabulous details on these painted models! The winner was a tall woman with short hair and long legs that were painted white with details of flower vines up and down her legs. She wore flower petals over her nipples and a scarf around her neck down to her boy short underwear. The scarf covered the petals ever so slightly. Getting a visual at this point? Boy, did she rock the look. The foursome was great fun to interview, especially early on during the night. I expect by 8pm they were as wilted as I was.

Look for my video which will highlight the evening. A shout out and special thanks to Amanda from WRAL! She's a morning producer and filmed all my interviews and wore all black! Whew-she looked hotter than me. Lucky for her she wasn't doing the make up thing. 

Can't wait until next years Carolina Music Awards because it just keeps getting better and better!

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