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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving Down The Body......

So we all have breasts and a chest. Like I said when I started the first part of the series, we all have the same parts, just differently shaped. Again, we gotta work with what we have because for most of us plastic surgery is not an option!

Small-chested women may feel they get the raw end of the stick when it comes wearing many styles and silhouettes. Not so. Check out these tips!
  • Choose tops that have details around the neckline or gathered in at the bust to amplify the fullness of the chest.
  • Make sure your clothes are fitted to your body and avoid items that are shapeless.
  • Choose crew, boat or slight v-necks to keep the focus up around your chest and neck. Deep v-necklines and low plunging necklines will only draw the eye downward.
  • Select jackets or blouses that have ruffles, pockets or embellishments to add fullness in appearance to the eye.
Large chested women may have instant cleavage, but certainly they have their own set of challenges. Looking balanced and not top heavy requires a few tricks, as well.
  • V-necks and open necklines are the most flattering styles to not appear too top heavy or off balance.
  • Avoid shapeless tops, as you will appear frumpy. On the other hand, tops too tight will give you a sausage affect, so select carefully!
  • Select tops that come to your hipbone. It will elongate your torso, but also give you the balance needed.
Regardless of your chest size it is most important to get a good bra fitting twice a year by a certified bra fitter. Keep in mind that weight gain or loss, giving birth, or menopause changes the size of your bust. A good bra fitting will change the fit of your clothing. Clients are always amazed! So before you head out for any new fall clothes do yourself a favor and go get fitted.

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