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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What does ‘summer casual’ for the office really mean?

This past Sunday the News and Observer carried an article from another syndicated paper about summer dressing in the workplace. Summer in the workplace tends to bring out the casual dress in people, and these days many offices allow it as a workplace perk. However, sometimes people do not recognize that there are some taboos, and that summer casual at the office doesn’t mean wear what you would out for a night on the town. And it really doesn’t mean wear what you want to a corporate retreat. Here are some tips and suggestions of things to avoid so you don't get called into the boss's office!
  1. More often than not during the summer, offices with allow Friday's to be dress down day, and typically relax the jeans rule to allow shorts, but this does not mean you should break out your shortest shorts or Daisy Dukes
  2. Leave the flips flops at home
  3. Sheer blouses should be worn with a camisole
  4. Mini-skirts and strapless tops are still taboo
The most important thing to remember is it isn't always about what you can wear so much as what you should wear. Do the clothes fit your body without showing more than is socially acceptable in the workplace? Your clothes shouldn't highlight one area of your body more than another, and if bare skin shows, it shouldn’t be because it has been squeezed out of too tight clothes. Casual doesn't give you the right to look sloppy.

As a final tip it is recommended for summer work events or outings to keep in mind it probably isn't the best place to wear a revealing halter top or a speedo to the law partner’s beach home. Bottom line is to remember to be a team player and look to your boss to set the tone!


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