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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boots and Bags!

One of the many fashion questions I have gotten this season is about boots and bags, so I thought we could chat about it today.

What kind of boot do I look for this season and how do I decide which boot is best for me and my lifestyle?

Start in your closet and see what you already have. If you are a pant wearer, than opt for either a shoe boot or mid-calf style. If you like to wear leggings or jeggings go for a boot that is mid calf or western style. If you prefer dresses or skirts then select a boot that comes to either mid calf or below the knee. Above the knee boots look best with leggings, tights and dresses or some really skinny jeans.

What color do I go with - black or brown?

Both colors are equally versatile, but it is optimal to have one pair of black and one pair of brown boots, in different styles of course.

Do I look for leather or suede, embellishments, hardware or fringe?

If you are not an avid collector of boots (I have one client that prefers boots to shoes, and have come across several clients through the years that collect shoes of all kinds) then I recommend to bite the bullet and invest in one good pair of boots in a classic style that will last you for years to come. Personally, that is the way I like to roll. Purchase less, but better quality. If you tend to get tired of things easily and, no, I am not talking about your spouse or boyfriends, just clothing items, then spend less money and buy a few moderate priced boots of lesser quality and plan to pitch at the end of the season. Important to note here that boots made of pleather or plastic crack and do not allow your feet to breathe.

How do I decide on a handbag this season?

If we are talking about an everyday handbag, give thought to what kind of straps or handles you prefer. Over the shoulder, one strap or two, cross body or shorter, two handles, held on the wrist or by hand. This is purely a comfort call. Think about what you will also really need to put in your bag, or the little things that end up in your bag on a regular basis. Do you keep limited contents in your purses or do you prefer to have everything, including items from the kitchen sink. I literally once had a client that carried silverware and napkins in her bag.

Do I choose a color for my new bag or must I stay with black or brown?

If you are ever going to make a statement an accessory this is the time. Certain colors this season are equally neutral like greys, maroons and dark blues. I would even go as far to commit to a texture. There is something about a fabulous bag that can make the rest of your boring outfit pop. Not that you would ever wear a boring outfit, right? Just remember a great bag makes everything look more interesting.

Now you are armed to begin the boot and bag hunt. Tread slowly until you find exactly what you need. It is certainly out there for the picking.

Happy shopping!

Boots and Bags!


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