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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dmitry Sholohkov - Winner or Recount?

So Christopher Palu mentioned he was going to ask for a recount when Dmitry Sholohkov won Project Runway Season 10. I don't think it was sour grapes, but I hope he realizes that impeccable construction and unique creations go a long way. I don't think his collection was bad, I just think Dmitry's was better.

The dress to the right was the highlight moment of the show, and looks well-made, expensive and truly unique. This is a dress that doesn't look like it's going to fall apart, and although unique, has enough classic elements to ensure it won't go out of style anytime in the next decade.

I do confess, the dress above right is for a very specific fashionista, and not for anyone who is unsure of their personal style. It takes confidence to wear a bold pattern combined with fringe and the sheer fabric highlighting the midsection.

Dmitry introduced his collection stating it came from his love of architecture and clean lines. In the above left image, his vision was spot on. That's a dress that is visually stunning, and with the right accessories, can go anywhere.

I love this yellow dress on the right! The embellishment on the shoulders adds to the architectural detail on the collar and at the waist. This is a nice dress to go out in. Demure enough to go anywhere and edgy enough to make a statement. That's what we want to be, right? Comfortable and memorable...

Having looked at all the collections, there were pieces I liked from each. Melissa created a spectacular black and white jacket (on the left), and was easily a contender for the win. The judge's comments were that she designed for herself, and I am particularly impressed with the fact that she learned to sew two years ago. And she used leather as her primary material throughout her entire collection, which is quite impressive. Her whole collection was black and white, and the highlight moment was the blood orange/tangerine/red dress with the stand up collar. I hope to see more from her in the future!

Fabio was the brief departure from black and color. His use of color evoked a very spring-like and resort feel, and it was refreshing to see a lot of color walk down the runway. A nice relaxed look for a relaxed lifestyle.

I loved the statement dress at the end of Christopher's show. There were some nice pieces in his collection, and I do think he's a good designer and very creative.  The blue jacket in particular was interesting and fun.

What do you think? Which collection do you like best? Recount, anyone, or did the best designer win?

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