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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Moving On Up?

What does it say when you get a second phone call in six years to do a reality tv show? When 'Wife Swap' was big on tv, I got a phone call from an LA producer wanting me and my family to participate. As a stylist I would travel to who knows where and swap with another wife in their home. Wow, for a brief second I was like, I wanna do this and they are offering to pay me $10K+ for my time and trouble. Not to mention the drama and the headache. That is a lot of money for me to live in someone else's home and live their life for two weeks. Could someone else do my job as well as I do, or would I have to cancel my clients during that time period. Which of my clients would want to be filmed with a potential crazy woman who may be color blind or not know the meaning of age appropriate clothing? 

The producer pursued me with a follow up email trying to entice me to do it. If you could have been a fly on the wall to see the reaction from my husband and daughter, at the time a high school junior. Even my dog Skip sensed her space would be invaded. I began to think about another woman living upstairs in our guest bedroom and somehow thinking she would parent my daughter and tell my spouse what to do and how high to jump. Hmm, for $10K, I would have gladly split it with the family. I expect my older son Scott would have made an appearance to get in on the act. No can do they shouted! I'm not sure I could have traveled to someone's home and lived in unchartered territory. Eeekkk! Sadly, I said no thank you. Could you imagine, though? What a wild ride that would have been.

Recently, I got another email from a producer in LA that wanted the next Rachel Zoe wanna-be from the South. Well, now we are talking! I don't think I could be as harsh as Rachel, but I certainly could show my own personality and fashion flair. For those that have worked with me, they would say that my facial expressions would either make me shine or put me in the dog house with many. I love it when I see clients gleaming  in the mirror and know I have done my magic. I think I am equally, if not more excited, than the client. 

So I am reading this email and the producer asks for a return phone call, so I call Jeannie and ask her to sit in on the phone call. It was a preliminary interview, and there were a lot of questions. All of them fun to answer: am I a stationary or moving stylist, who are typically my clients, do I travel a lot, and lastly, how old am I. Do I have to answer the age question? I am not a good liar but this year was a big birthday. 

After our 15 minute back and forth dialogue with Jeannie piping in and sometimes laughing at my responses, the producer concluded that they will be in touch if they are interested. Wait... did I forget to mention anything? I covered my love of fashion, my athletics, Emmy award winning client (Rhiannon Giddens), my book that is coming out, and yes, I am interested. She asked if I had an assistant or crew. I had to think about that for a nanosecond. I don't have an entourage or anything, but yeah, I have my support staff, hair make up, a few young interns when needed, and yes, Jeannie, who has zero interest in being on camera, but is willing to help. I haven't heard back yet, so maybe they were looking for a younger version? or the tv studios didn't like the pilot. Who knows. I can tell you with tv and pitching projects, there are a lot of people out there working very hard who don't make it. 

But how wild is it that my name has come up again?!?!? Too fun to even think about beyond tonight. Although....the next step would be a trip out to LA. A shopaholics dream!

So from my closet to yours, Savvy Suzanne is on the move and laughing all the way!

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