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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Statement Coat

I've written about statement pieces before, and this fall has such a wonderful group of coats that can easily stand on their own as a statement piece and I wanted to share with you. Look for coats that have details or come in colors that are not the traditional color or shape. And remember that if the coat is silk or other lightweight material, check before buying that there is something substantial between the outer fabric and the lining to keep you warm enough for your climate. We can't have you all freezing in the name of fashion!

The first coat is probably more a fall coat, or a winter coat for warmer climates, like places it never snows. The Donegal knit coat has a beautiful drape, no buttons so you can wear it in a more free flowing form, and oversized collar. Absolutely beautiful!

The second coat I'd like to bring to your attention is also a knit. The Hart jacket is somewhere between comfortable knit sweater and edgy warmth. The leather accents are what make this a statement coat, and again, if you're living in a somewhat warmer climate, this is a great winter coat!

Moving on from knitwear...I've seen a lot of copies of this online, and read about quite a few people taking this image to a tailor to make a copy, or trying to make it themselves. Should I insert a cautionary statement here? Something like, if you haven't been sewing for several years, you might not want to try this at home? The original was made by Alexander McQueen, and is breathtaking. It's sort of an equestrian coat, but with added flare and layers in the back. You'll definitely make a statement wearing something like this!

Next coat of the day - a London jacket. This coat has muliple textures (how's that for making a statement?) and looks reptilian. This coat looks like it has dimension, and is in a neutral color so should work with a lot of clothes in anyone's wardrobe. Important here is to remember to watch the texture mixes. Statement coats don't have to have a unique feature and be a non-neutral color, they can be one or both. Just remember when shopping it should meet the requirements of both your climate and your lifestyle.

Big this year with a lot of clothing are ruffles for adults. This coat embraces ruffles using a tie closure and a bright color. Even if ruffles aren't quite your normal style, we're looking for a statement piece here, and I'd encourage you to try on a coat in a cut or color you wouldn't normally wear. After you get over laughing at yourself for finding and trying on a coat that might look like something you would never, ever wear, take a look around and see if you can find a coat that has a unique collar, fabric or hem. Or just a different look than what you are comfortable with. Then try it on...and take a picture. If you look at the picture for a week or so, and you start thinking you should have purchased the coat because it looks good on you, you may have found your statement coat!

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