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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Final View of 2012

As I sit with my laptop, evaluating my year and what is to come in the next, I grin and grimace (if that is possible) at the same time. From the family perspective it has been pretty good, mostly highlights with of course a few moments that rocked my world in a negative way. As for business, has it been productive, engaging and do I still feel as passionate about it as I did twenty plus years ago? Am I taking care of myself like I should be physically, mentally and spiritually? Do I still like the person that I am? Have I given back to the community and my fellow man in a way that I feel makes me worthy of starting each day? From a fashion perspective (cause you know I gotta bring that up), have I continued to reinvent my style and dress in a way that fits my lifestyle and age? 

As 2012 comes to an end, I reflect on a few very common themes I have heard from clients over this past year:

  • My hair has changed and I don't want to spend a lot of money on it or time fixing it. 
  • I am not happy with the extra 5-20 pounds I am carrying, but it is what it is! 
  • I am so tired of wearing the same 5 things and need "desperate" help. Desperate was a recurring theme this year, which is harsh, but I keep hearing that word used by clients.
  • My husband needs your services but doesn't have time, or will make the time.
  • I cannot find a good fitting pair of jeans that aren't less than $100 and I won't spend that! Incidentally, I agree.
  • I want to learn to accessorize, but how?
  • I need a "look book" of coordinated outfits from my closet to help me.
  • What do mean you no more "matchy matchy" and what is blending of tones?
  • I can't believe what a difference having my clothes tailored has made. I love the fit and how it has been redone!
  • When is your book coming out? All I know is that I promise it will definitely be in early 2013!

As we all view 2012 from behind in the mirror, take a final look, smile and whip your head forward with a plan to tackle just one of the fashion lifestyle concerns you have in 2013!

From my closet to yours, and a happy and healthy New Year to all - Suzanne 

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