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Friday, December 14, 2012

More on Charleston Fashion Week

Fashionista's take note! Three designers that were selected bore further scrutiny, just to see what they were all about. Not that all the designers aren't worth a look, but I thought I'd start with the ones that interested me most. These designers are really talented, so if you want them in your local boutique, you should ask the designer or the boutique (or both)!

At the young age of twenty Jazsalyn McNeil was able to incorporate her interest in nature as it relates to a spiritual freedom. Look for vibrant colored fabrics, free flowing designs and the interesting hemlines that are sure to slither down the runway. Very talented, and designed for women who don't necessarily want to feel constricted in what they wear.

Clarissa Arocena and Bryan Datinguinoo are both part of the Anni Albers Scholars Program at NC State.  As a duo, their artistic talents lean toward traditional tailoring with classic lines. They like the true craftmenship of olden day artisans such as shoe cobblers, leather smiths and metal smiths to direct their designs. Personally I love the mixture of leathers and tradtional beading that add to their clean lines and soft flowing dresses. I will look forward to watching them grow as designers as well as at the CFW!

Lastly, worth mentioning is what I call a mature designer of 34, Hope Wallace. She will be showing swim and resort 2014 at CFW. She works with geometric shapes and graphic designs. I love the clear vision that the graphics offer with generally a big push on black and white and strong colors. It is very mod and reminds me of my younger days of pop art in the early 70's. Her designs are something I would really enjoy coordinating back with a few of my more traditional wardrobe pieces. 

All the designers will obviously bring their most inspiring looks, as once again checking it out is half the fun! If you want to go check it out for yourself, grab a friend and plan a weekend - tickets to CFW are on sale now.

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