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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Do Your Clothes Fit You, or Do You Fit Your Clothes?

I read something recently that really spoke to me - we need to stop thinking there is something wrong with our bodies, and realize that there is something wrong with our clothes. In my many years of styling, I have found the biggest single obstacle for everyone is the way people view their bodies.

It doesn't seem to matter if you are a size 0, 4, 14 or 22. Men seem better able to deal with the number associated with their waist size, but I do have some male clients who are alarmed at the increase in their waist size, and most of that has to do with their dislike of shopping, in general. It could be they really want to be in shape but don't have the time, but mostly it's about shopping. And it's traumatic, I agree. You go out, find something you really like to wear - that go-to piece you wear at least once a week, and then it doesn't fit anymore. Stressful. So, what next?

The response I get from a lot of people is that they really just need to find something temporary until they lose whatever their magic number is, or they fit into a specific size. Since they believe they will soon be back in the clothes they love, and that are familiar, the clothes they buy in their current size don't get the same amount of attention because it's just a temporary solution. So now we're back to the original question - do your clothes fit you? or do you fit your clothes?

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